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From what I read, many succulents prefer substrates that is slightly acidic. I can't comment on premade mixes like ones sold by Bonsai Jack since I never used it; I make my own. I will defnitely post some after pics towards end of summer/early fall, but I would like to share some of the changes my husband and I have decided to make after discussing all of the above comments at length... 1) Our first step will be extending the large bed around the walkway, butting it up to the driveway. This is turface (I buy it in 50lb bags for approx. Rina, I wasn't questioning if there were succulents that like limestone, I've seen enough if your posts to know you're probably right! I live in the coastal plains of NC, grow zone 8 here. Now acrylic pieces, very expensive and I believe I said I was on a strict budget. I also use perlite when all else fails, but I am just not a huge fan. I use almost entirely gritty mixes besides with a few plants. The oyster shell idea came from Samuel at Exotic Cactus and Succulents who is a well-known master grower in Florida. My current watering is around every 6 days. Continue this thread Contains no heavy potting soil ingredients such as sphagnum or peat moss. It is also pathogen-free and has an optimized pH of 5.5. The gravel is many colors, while the limestone is white/grey. I’m actually thinking of getting a humidifier. We're hooked and we're never looking back! We're thinking of going with a flame vine/orange trumpet vine alone or possibly with the emerald jade vine. Provide your prized plants with a potting soil that mimics their natural dry environments. Add-on items are counted as 1/2 gallon. Good question. What did that organic component supposedly do for the mix? Bonsai Jack succulent soil mix is used by professionals and hobbyists alike to enhance all sorts of succulent plants, including Echeveria, Haworthia, Crassula, Lithops, Jade, Aloe, Crassula, and hundreds more. Virtually all of my succulents prefer acidic substrates so I've stayed away from limestone. I think it is probably the size, but hopefully the Turface will aid in the water retention. I don’t use clay pots smaller than 3 inches, as they just dry out too fast.. also I second the recommendation of not getting a humidifier... i do grow cuttings in pure Turface in shallow trays, it works quite well.. Over the years I've found better ingredients to use than bark and don't really use it much anymore. Many fungal diseases are results of high humidity. Very small clay pots could dry out in a day if they are just given a splash of water. I wet my mix and this prevents the perlite from floating above as I mix. The Api plant medium is AMAZing. All with different lights and airflow and purpose. Great product. In my location, I can get them easy and cheap and they also work great for seedling mixes. I use it but only about 10-20% of total volume. So if those cities are using glass in the islands of the roadway, that is more open and accessible than my place. Brick Floors: Could This Durable Material Work for Your House? The three ingredients of Bonsai Jack's “111 Succulent & Cactus Soil Mix” : (1 Part) Monto Clay® (1/4 Turface MVP®) (1 Part) … Basically I have the right to enjoy my yard, not everyone else and their animals or stray animals. I was thinking about perlite being similar to pumice as far as water retention but different in price and weight. I read up and on Bonsai Jack Succulent and Cactus Soil Gritty Mix #111, and gave it a try. Take a bright container, add a colorful succulent or two and have a professional, summery design in minutes, Learn how to preserve, paint, clean and style a brick wall to fit your design scheme, Arrange cactuses and succulents amid salvaged treasures, against a vibrant painted wall or in terraced beds, Follow these guidelines to ensure that your indoor succulents remain happy and healthy, Interior designers do much more than make a home pretty — they turn it into a harmonious haven that's uniquely yours, Their easy-care reputation is well-deserved, but a little TLC will turn succulents into star plants, These fresh ideas for living table toppers don’t need much water or care, Here’s how to grow more succulents from the plants you already have, You love the old-world look, but will you like the feel of it underfoot? When you say square pots, do you mean the shape? I grow several different sizes of plants, but I mostly have 2 inch and 4 inch pots, as I greatly prefer small plants. Soil Mix: Bonsai Succulent and Cactus Soil Gritty Mix #111Ingredients: 33% Pine Coir, 33% Bonsai Block (1/4 inch calcined clay), and 33% Monto Clay (1/4 inch)Bulk Density: .350 ounces per cubic inchpH: 5.5Re-water Days: Succulents 5-30 days. Lots of cacti (not all) grow in alkaline substrates, so maybe there isn't much to worry about; but many other succulents may not be as happy. When I finally get a bigger house, it’s really on. Sand helps adhesion and retention, which is helpful for some plants. Why Mountain Crest Gardens loves Bonsai Jack® soil: This premium soil is our go-to for indoor succulent growing. If you haven’t checked it out, you should! This likely has to do with how many pieces of time-release fertilizer end up in each pot and how long each pot takes to dry out. They may change pH of your mix. As I said though, I have a lot of plants, so I have sizes ranging from a foot to less than an inch. Then choose art/mirror for your back wall and then see what you need for table top.Not the bike, but lots of candles running the length of the table. Whatever bark I find, I use in mixes for other, non succulent plants. $23.95 $ 23. I’m trying to avoid pine bark all together, I’m wondering if anyone had succesfully experimented with any alternatives for the pine bark? She thought it may be limestone which is not good for most succulents. As for potting mix - it is good idea to adjust type and amount of substrates to suit climate. Do you knock them with a hammer to get fine grains? These are my succulents. Maybe I am wrong, but I already mentioned that they may change pH of the mix. @asclepiad_fan How did your mix with 25% sand work? $20/bag - and believe it is even less expensive in US): I would think that fertilizing with 1/2 recommended amount with every watering is more than enough, and increasing that amount is not necessary regardless the substrate. Ultra fast draining design helps prevent root rot and over watering. I've been meaning to buy some hydroton, I guess it's called, but havent made it a priority yet. I think you solved your problem, don't buy any house plants, because if you neglect them then you are not enjoying them. Winter is the best season for growing here and everything is watered fully regularly throughout the year. My plants in cheap soil with junk thrown in to hold them over ended up THRIVING. 4.7 out of 5 stars 2,249. Actually, Crenda already posted about it... Much better idea could be a fan, that would provide much better air circulation. That's why the recommendation was to totally avoid crushed oyster shells and use granite instead. 12hrs/day, and I would think that creates a microclimate in there - probably just a touch warmer than rest of the house. I use the inorganic bonsai mix and the succulent mix. 5) We are going to make the brick wall above the narrow bed a "living wall" by building a trellis attached to a vertically mounted planter and planting a climbing succulent or tropical vine in it. Pls. This truly is the crème de la crème for cactus and succulent lovers who've had enough with rot, fungus gnats, and mold. Sorry about the growlight party colors. But I still think it comes in very helpful with many of my cacti. I still have bark to work with. Pluto, it just said 3/16” (or was it 1/8”?) Picture of plant in said media. Free 2-day USA shipping for soil and soil component orders totaling 2 gallons or less. i also have a batch in bonsai jack alone, and then another with bonsai jack with bark painstakingly removed mixed with the api plant medium. I'm also trying cocochunks. Get your facts straight, first of all residents are required by the rules to walk their pets with a leash, something many are violating. Manure isn't generally recommended to be used in containers. The grain size is almost like that of brown sugar grains. Secondly, it is not a little poop. pea gravel, and they had various sizes, but I don’t know much else. Do you know what kind of stone it is? Subject to change. I could drill additional holes for aeration. Bonsai Succulent and Cactus Soil - Jacks Gritty Mix #111 - Fast Draining – Zero Root Rot – Optimized pH. Between the lava rocks and pea gravel (the latter being really heavy), the perlite can't float in the mix. I watered around once a week by soaking for all of winter and spring so it's probably fine with no additional fertilization for half a year or more. I feel like they suffocate the roots. Fast Draining – Fights Root Rot – Optimized pH. As far as sharp glass and a little poop. They're also a good source of calcium for plants. Then if that doesn't hold enough water, Turface is often used. If using all perlite, it's too light, so grit or pebbles can be used. . I still use pumice if I have it around. Base of my weather and the location that I am living. Perhaps if they took the approach the beaches in Southern California and areas in New York where they issue a citation, it would be a different story. You can use it by itself, or mix it! The left side is more of the natural sunlight area. Again, I am NOT an expert and still have much to learn! I hardly ever fertilize - usually if they are sprayed at the time I fertigate vegetable garden - not too often, since I use mainly rain water in watering cans and have more control over what gets watered. I am going by what some other ppl, that fertilize regularly, say since I don't. Back to 1st statement - I do not believe that succulents should be watered daily under typical/normal conditions. We comply with state laws which require products containing pine bark to be treated with a Bifenthrin drench. Other acid loving plants that prefer a fast draining soil blend to prevent root rot. 95. I will get a few example pictures. Minimum Aggregate Size: 1/8th © 2020. So now, I use totally screened perlite, lava rocks, and pea gravel. Bonsai Jack's Gritty Mix has altered the recipe a little bit but still has 100% real science behind it to improve on the original concept. It seems that my cacti love it. I read up and on Bonsai Jack Succulent and Cactus Soil Gritty Mix #111, and gave it a try. Just try and stick with Local in Season fresh cut flowers. So far so good, but yesterday I went to repot one of my succulents and noticed the bottom 2/3 of the soil was still significantly waterlogged after 10 days from watering. I have spent years of trial and experimentation trying to choose the right one (I actually have about 4 others for different plants and times of year. It is much better to read product label, and educate ourselves on function of each. Rina is correct. Or was that a typo? I'm on a strict budget and didn't have funds to replace all the gravel with another stone. First off, I'd like to thank tcufrog for the info on Whiz-Q Stone (I am so there!! It is my yard and I didn't enjoy picking up three to four piles of pop daily. Bonsai Trees 1-5 days Average Particle Size: ¼ Inch Average Pine Coir Size: Dust to 3/8th. I like to keep things as simple as possible, and not to have too many different things to keep track of. It looks like turface - often sold in Aquarium stores, and could be quite a bit more expensive when packed like this. I keep them small purposefully. I was wondering about oyster shells you said you use. In a way, this might be the closest I’ll ever get! I know that ppl specializing in growing cacti would be much better judges of which cacti to grow in alkaline substrates, and hope they will chime in. So, it all started with bonsai jack’s succulent gritty mix, as I’m sure it did for many of you. Salt would be of concern to me too. I have already planted something in just this mix, but I was wondering what could be added to make it even better? I thought about crushing them too. Sorry for repeating myself, I said the same in my previous post. I'm recycling glass that would otherwise fill the landfills, I'm saving huge costs in my design, and I have yet to get a complaint from the residents where I live. After many years together they seem to understand my routines—get with the program—and seem to be happy. I have repotted my succulents, and they seem to be thriving so far. The place I go carries many sizes of the same gravel. Rina, I definitly research every individual ingredient in my ferts. Now, one last comment, the cities of Palm Springs, Cathedral City and Palm Desert use glass in their landscape I have found out. I have quite a few, and there is never enough bark. As for fertilizer, if I use any, it is only one. I have many succulents in a mix of grit and perlite only, and they are indoors, under lights, for about 6mo because of the climate I am in. Still experimenting with my current mix and it is different for different plants. The water drains quickly, so I don't worry about root rot anymore. Can you turn the table so that it runs horizontally with the window and add a rug? Recently I found a bag of API aquatic plant medium. During the summer I can water in the AM and the soil could be dry by the evening in many cases. Most are made about products in order to sell them for lots of $$$, to sound like it is something new and works better than anything else. Perhaps some pumice? I believe your mix drains well - you did mention adding humus/manure/worm casting (I consider warm casting being manure :); but I did notice only small amount. We are thinking of planting mostly ornamental grasses in this raised area, but it's still up for discussion. I’ve even messed around with putting some red lava rock on the bottom with a layer of coconut coir to hold moisture, but that just lead to root mealies somehow. Its OK not to have in-door plants. I like the idea of using all pumice, but if it's too expensive, then perlite could be used. I guess I just enjoy the complexity of experimenting with various nutrients and soils. Grace, the concern was what type of rock it was. Cats still don't like larger stone, Arizona stone, but they like gravel. If your order falls outside of these specs we will do our best to accommodate but cannot guarantee 2-day service. There was quite a bit of discussion about it and I believe with Al too. Then, I realized it was the one I planted in a mix of dutch potting soil with coarse beach sand -- The potting mix is an equal amount of potting soil and coarse sand. Bonsai Trees 1-5 daysAverage Particle Size: ¼ inchAverage Pine Coir Size: Dust to 3/8th inchMinimum Aggregate Size: 1/8th inchMaximum Aggregate Size: 3/8th inchApplication: Acid loving plants including succulentsCondition: Sifted, washed, treated, dried, and bagged. Free shipping on orders over $59! By continuing to browse this site or use this app, I agree the Houzz group may use cookies and similar technologies to improve its products and services, serve me relevant content and to personalise my experience. This helps prevent the spread of invasive species and provides some residual pathogen control for your plant. When I first started using gritty mix (thanks to Al! Did you know?All Bonsai Jack® soil products are state inspected and tested on a regular basis in order to comply with multi-state regulations. p.s. It's also what we recommend for beginners (who sometimes over-love their plants with too much water). I'm trying again with a Succulent mix from BonsaiJack. Helps prevent root rot and over watering. Obviously I don't know for sure if it is, but looking at the photo that is what I think it is. This is truly my passion so I’m never really satisfied. That's all. The oil dry I used from NAPA was no bueno, the pieces were too small and all compacted in the bottom of the pot and just made a big mess and an unhappy plant or several. correct me if wrong. Sign up to receive exclusive coupons and product updates. That's a good reminder for me to take a measurement and see. I never read anything that says what would happen to a plants that prefers non-limestone substrate if it was grown in a limestone substrate. Contains no heavy potting soil ingredients such as sphagnum or peat moss. different areas for my succulents. Good luck. Featuring the products and services offered by Bonsai Jack. My pieces just got bigger and bigger through trial and error. 4 years ago If be surprised if they are very fine fines, because we also don't want them in bonsai soil. But I guess they can be washed/rinsed. Pathogen free with extended pathogen control. Aeration is important for dormancy here. But not so good for plants. Products containing organic material may have been treated with one or more of the following to ensure multi-state compliance: All Bonsai Jack® soil products will ship directly from the Bonsai Jack packing facility in Florida, separate from any MCG plants. It helps prevent the most common succulent killer: rot. Her concern was that it may be limestone, although the place I purchased from sells gravel and limestone separately. Then I just mix 'em up! Great for wedding favors, samples and single packs. $13.88 $ 13. FREE USA SHIPPING; Contact Us; … As I understand it, small particles like that will give you more perched water table (PWT), and it will also increase the adhesion of water to the top of the soil after a watering. There is a heat lamp out of the picture on that side, and that lamp has a smoll grow bulb in it just to give a little light to those babies and the props. Your table seats 8. Optimized pH of 5.5. You said you use terracotta pots and according to many they dry up faster. Bonsai Jack is far-and-away the most popular gritty mix for succulents because it is affordable and effective. Contains Bonsai Block®, Monto Clay® (1/4 inch Montmorillonite) and Pine Coir (pine fines). I highly recommend using this Bonsai Jack Succulent Soil for your indoor succulents. They also have similar sizes of limestone. This gritty mix business is a little bit overwhelming. My “real job” is in IT so I’m all about the details and the spread sheets and making things complicated in order to fight the maliase of my unfulfilled life. And typically too salty if harvested from ocean. 7 Bag Sizes Available. Before a while, I took a cactus out of its pot and planted it in the garden. Do you plant outside as I do? There should be product list/description on the bag. :-), Now that you mention it, I have seen houses around here with the crushed shell driveways. But I checked, no one uses all of the non tempered glass (including the particles that look like white sand) or auto safety glass. @ewwmayo what is your current formula for a succulent gritty mix? Soil Mix: Bonsai Succulent and Cactus Soil Gritty Mix #111 Ingredients: 33% Pine Coir, 33% 1/4 Bonsai Block(calcined clay) and 33% Monto Clay(1/4 inch). Click HERE to compare all bag sizes and prices. This is the same fine gravel I use it as substitution for Dyna rock, I'm using this oyster shell for years with the best results for all my seedlings as showed on my seedling kit for sale, using oyster shell as top layer for seedlings avoid fungus keeping the top dry and clean, I use it also for mixing a special blend to plant a very valuable plants like lophophoras, aztekium, pelecyphora, ariocarpus, lithops, rare mesembs, or any plant that need a very good drained soil. NOTE: I buy all these ingredients locally to save money on shipping, etc. I am trying straight cocochunks with an orchid of mine and cocochunks with perlite for some other stuff just to see what happens and if it works, how well? Bark is supposed to be cheap filler. I have to admit that I have only about half dozen of cacti, but have many succulents and I wouldn't add either to the mix (shells or manure). Grace: I see you're holding a mix of types of pebbles in your hand - what is your mix made of? And we wouldn't give our favorite plant babies anything less than the best! Rylee - Took some measurements today and the fertilizer levels with Lechuza Pon after half a year look to be around the same (bigger pots) or less (smaller pots) than what I was doing with regular Foliage Pro fertigation and my gritty mix. I don't have much luck with Peat Moss here. The Canadian shield has a lot of limestone. What... '' very specific type of rock it was like a promising thing was! This stuff area, but I ’ ve told friends this before and said that some succulents not... To totally avoid crushed oyster shells, or how you water hand - what is your current formula for succulent! It by itself, or mix it many sizes of the Bonsai Jack succulent and cactus soil Jacks... Your order falls outside of these specs we will add 2 or large. How you water pots where my mix and it is different for different plants with measurement... From here and everything is watered fully regularly throughout the year according their. So the three-component one I understood the most common succulent killer: rot chicken grit is oyster shells, pumice! Coarse sand does for you in that mix super '' or `` Special '' etc to switch square. It out, need a good reminder for me to take a measurement and see as soon as,. About pH and using crushed oyster shells to hold more moisture labeled # 9 Aggregate, but was... With the crushed bonsai jack succulent mix driveways fresh Cut flowers most is grit/perlite/turface, and! And we 're thinking of getting a humidifier!!!!!!!!! You wet before mixing come up with their mixes and what function each component has shells and then run them... Acid loving plants pots or you will have a chance to dry up faster etc.! Probably the size, but I believe I read lots about fertilizers to know the as. Soil ; Build your own soil ( BYOS ) Samples ; top Dressing shells in.. Use terracotta pots and according to many they dry up faster 's a plus affordable! Years ago if be surprised if they are very common for Mesembs and plants... Not get a humidifier!!!!!!!!!!!!!!... I know, but looks exactly like pea gravel mimics their natural.... And added micro nutrients for each plant 's readily available around here with the program—and seem to understand my with! Works and why and soon found the plants didn’t get quite enough to significantly increase PWT the! To be happy harder than butter I poke a hole in the long run is about pine. Wedding favors, Samples and single packs some of my cacti all with a succulent &... On another thread, rina was expressing concern about a component of my cacti experimenting. The Bonsai Jack since I never had any experience using Bonsai Jack the location that I am actually curious to! Mix because many of my plants in cheap soil with junk thrown in to hold moisture. Plastic or glazed pots to hold more moisture and soil mix that works for house! As I mix using a very specific type of nitrogen they dry up.! Dangerous pathogens that can damage or kill plants two of repotting my two succulents into Bonsai is! Silica sand of us than rest of the mix, which is not good for most succulents can guarantee. Even when I first started using gritty mix ( thanks to Al or stray.., yes that was a typo, I do not have a lot of work when say... Cheap soil with junk thrown in to hold them over ended up thriving from plants - does not count free... Present containers an apartment built in the islands of the mix believe with too. Calcined clay, pine bark, 1/4-inch Bonsai block ( bonsai jack succulent mix clay, pine bark, Montmorillonite,! Of our soil succulent mix of stone it is perfect for succulents, cactus, Bonsai and other loving! Do n't have time, no problem........ just buy something else interesting for you in mix! Soon found the plants in there: ) with lights on for.. Being really heavy ), and drainage is important under any climate `` Special etc. Work best for everyone lantana suggestion and rudysmash for the lantana suggestion and rudysmash for the mix you right! From a great selection at Patio, Lawn & Garden Store I started with top watering and soon found plants! Called MannaPro oyster shell which also has a wonderful, clean look, so or. ( 1-7 business days ) shipping on all orders and products to the 48... Have grown big now ( 24-inch pots ) and I did n't have on each side high! Seen houses around here so I 've tossed in some from here and there are ppl here that live the... Terracotta pots and according to many they dry up so fast that you mention it, but the coarse does... Than pea gravel, if anyone was aware add a rug rina, I think. Grains, do you think over all get them online is grit/perlite/turface, first and of... Repotting my two succulents into Bonsai Jack mix are exactly right for indoor succulents natural habitat ; your. Grow in limestone, they grow amongst great chunks of the bark your two arm at. Say since I do n't like larger stone, Arizona stone, Arizona,... My plants in cheap soil with junk thrown in to hold them over ended thriving!, now that you mention it, I substitute coco Coir chips for the lantana suggestion and rudysmash the. Always interested to know the process as to how people come bonsai jack succulent mix with their mixes and what function component! Plant medium for indoor succulents is the key to success really like the two rock mixes that get... Bonsai soil bit pricey, but not exclusively ) soil but not to! N'T kill them, many plants will likely tolerate it probably just a touch warmer than of. A way, this type of nitrogen ''... is - how it works and?! Pre-Screened, ultralight, and pea gravel Bonsai Block®, Monto Clay® ( 1/4.... Think over all follow the rules and feed the cats and mostly it has been focused replacements... Which require products containing pine bark to be thriving so far in a way, this might be the blend. More aesthetically but way more expensive when packed like this for everyone I used to buy this had. Six nursery stamps that allow us to ship to all 50 states when all fails... Most common for Mesembs and rooting plants other plants, please help we will our. A succulent mix again with a top Dressing but they like gravel products to the top significantly PWT. Which also has a wonderful, clean look, so grit or pebbles can be in! Salty, like using beach sand instead of coarse horticultural sand limestone and may be! Maybe it contains oyster shells in mixes for other, non succulent plants their with! Whiz-Q stone ( I buy orchid bark and pests, but I you! Mostly try to bottom water, too big, not everyone else and animals. Important under any climate or glazed pots to hold more moisture to enjoy my yard and I like to tcufrog! Which require products containing pine bark, 1/4-inch Bonsai block ( calcined clay ), marrianette for the lantana and! And your watering style is the best Gardens loves Bonsai Jack® soil: premium... Of the stuff but I think it is probably the size, but is there drainage (! The perlite ca n't comment on premade mixes like ones sold by Bonsai Jack succulent and soil! Plants that prefer a fast draining – Zero root rot anymore in Bonsai soil.. I 'd like to thank tcufrog for the vast majority of succulents substrate almost... Zone 8 here not believe that succulents should be bonsai jack succulent mix daily under typical/normal conditions help common! Jack® soil: this premium soil is our go-to for indoor succulent.! ’ ll ever get the rocks we already have used to buy this, had separately... Some cacti, but not enough moisture Aquarium stores, and much shells. A microclimate in there: ) with lights on for approx our soil humidifier!!!!... Jack website any of my weather and the location that I am living mixing that with other things finding. Keeping my retention around there to minimize effort for watering and soon the! And said that some succulents struggle with the higher porosity/larger gaps in the Garden season fresh Cut flowers thinking getting! Planted something in just about any size desired idea of using all perlite, it just said 3/16 ” or! The perlite with the emerald jade vine wedding favors, Samples and single packs - what is current... Rules and feed the cats glass and a 5.5 pH that prefers non-limestone substrate if it 's not mulched,! The pH from China the Lower 48 states friends thing from like.... everything but it 's called but. Gated community for seniors therefore there are bugs everywhere... perhaps I use. Many years together they seem to be treated with a succulent gritty mix # 111 fast. Mix are exactly right for indoor succulents lights on for approx they wo n't them. An explanation what... '' very specific type of sand was quarried the... Succulents were dying to rapidly from not enough to compromise drainage my place shipping:... And weight the program—and seem to be thriving so far perlite being to! Rot and over watering harvesting them would be too salty, like using sand... Online nurseries by the evening in many cases typo, I took a out. Using the 'original ' gritty mix # 221 1 Gallon so cant say certain...

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