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They can also change the color of their skin for camouflage and communication. Greek Name: Πέστροφα (PEHS – troh – fah)Scientific Name: Salmo trutta / Onchorynchus mykissEnglish Name: Trout, brown trout / rainbow trout. This creamy blend of pink or white fish roe, with either a potato or bread base, is best with a drizzle of virgin olive oil or a squeeze of lemon. Don’t be too excited, though, because that’s the simpler recipe you can get. How It’s Served: Skaros is served grilled with vegetables and served whole. As in many parts of the world, many species in Greek seas are under severe pressure from overfishing – including species on this list which are included for informational purposes only. The island most associated with tuna fishing is Alonissos, which produces Tonos Alonissou: mainly albacore and yellowfin tuna which is preserved in glass jars in oil or water. The female kefalos is also the source of avgotaracho – Greek bottarga (see above). This tasty dish is extremely popular, mainly in the fish restaurants of northern Greece. For the crispy fried calamari rings, flour and seasoning mix are enough to do the trick. Wild boar and woodcock are commonly hunted animals. In second place for improving export sales was the electrical machinery and equipment category via a 9.8% gain. However note that not all fish sold as ‘marida’ are picarel, they can sometimes be whitebait, meaning the young fish of various species (indeed marida is often translated as whitebait on Greek menus). If you are visiting it during the weekend you need a reservation. Let’s start now, discovering together the 10 seafood dishes you should not miss during your stay! About This Animal: A relative of octopi and squid, this animal is distinguished from them by an a thick, calcified shell that sits under its skin. Pharmaceuticals represent the fastest grower among the top 10 export categories, up by 25.2% since 2018. The dark blue shells are scrupulously scrubbed and cleaned before being cooked in tomato sauce and feta cheese. About This Fish: Known better in English simply as ‘hake,’ bakaliaros is one of the more intimidating fish swimming in the Mediterranean. About This Fish: The mighty tuna has been a prized fish in Greece since antiquity; an engraved price-list discovered from the 3rd century BC lists it as being 3 times more expensive than the cheapest fish. About This Animal: Garida, is a general term to describe shrimp and prawns of which there are many different species. Greek Name: Καλαμάρι (Kah – lah – MAH – ree)Scientific Name: Loligo vulgarisEnglish Name: Squid, European squid, Common squid. (The white kinds are said to be of better quality because they are made from 100 percent eggs, whereas the red kinds contain colorings and other additives). For centuries it has been one of the most important commercial fishes in Europe, with the cured fish traded throughout the continent (although overfishing ultimately led to the collapse of some stocks in the 1990s and new restrictions on its fishing). Europe - Fishing in Greece - I'm very interested in an excursion of 1/2 day fishing while in Greece. Usually it is between 3 and 7 cm long. Given its strong flavor, a small portion goes a long way. These large, powerful, predatory fish live in deep, open waters and are an important food source for other mammals such as dolphins. How It’s Served: You will find this fish filleted, dried and salted in Greece. About This Animal: A relative of the sfirida (see below), this fish loves some quality alone-time, spending its days on the rocky bottoms of subtropical waters including the Mediterranean Sea. Greek Name: Καραβίδα (Kah – rah – VEE – dah)Scientific Name: Astacus astacus, Cambarus bartoniiEnglish Name: Crawfish, crayfish. Greek shrimp saganaki, usually prepared in a small, two-handle heavy bottomed frying pan, called a saganaki or sagani, can be served as a starter or appetizer and is actually quite filling. Restaurants and markets will also sell kolohtipa, or the Mediterranean slipper lobster which resembles a cross between a lobster and a bulldozer. It lives in rocky areas where it grazes primarily on algae, for which its ‘beak’ is adapted. 6 typical traditional Greek national and local rice dishes, original recipes, pairing tips, and the most popular, famous and iconic authentic restaurants with Greek cuisine. There is talk of farming turbot, bluefin tuna, yellowtail, and octopus too. You pick out a fine looking fish; the waiter says its name but you don’t quite catch it. This simple, healthy, and delicious Mediterranean fish, also known as 'Greek Sea Bass', should be cooked whole. If you want to feel the real taste of the juicy Greek sea, try to sip the salty broth coming from these delicious mussels. It is also migratory, traveling between the Mediterranean and Black Sea. An omnivorous fish, it loves to feed on small invertebrates in addition to plant life. About This Animal: The palamida is a strong swimmer that lives in shoals and feeds on smaller fish such as mackerel, as well as squid. Here are ten flavorful dishes you should try at least once in your lifetime – you won’t regret it. You can also often find them steamed with garlic at many fish restaurants. In North America this led to public information campaigns which successfully reduced demand for the fish, allowing stocks to rebound. About This Animal: Sinagrida, or the ‘Queen of the Sea’ as some Greek fisherman call it, lives along the rocky seashores of the Mediterranean, where it feeds on other fish. It is also home to soft beaches, clear waters and delicious food, making it a prime location for fishing. About This Animal: Salahi refers to a broad family of skates and rays (a type of batwinged cartilaginous fish related to sharks). Do not consume the crustacean if it appears to be dead before cooking. This is the Greek version of the mulled wine, and it’s popular to drink around Christmas. Kebabs are mostly chunks of meat – such as lamb, pork, chicken, and fish – that are cooked on a skewer and seasoned with olive oil, oregano, and lemon. Greek Name: Γαύρος (GAH – vros)Scientific Name: Engraulis encrasicolusEnglish Name: European anchovy. Greek Reporter will help you organize all the essential information before your journey. Atherina is small fish of pale moss green colour. But I absolutely loved it. Greece is known for its constant catches of the day when it comes to fishing, but if you don’t know where to fish, then it could take you a whole day to even get a bite on your pole. On top of that there are cultural differences – what are considered staples or delicacies in Greece may not be common food fish in other countries, even if they show up in fishermen’s nets. Another fun fact: its modern Greek name, ‘achinos’ stems from the ancient Greek word echinos, meaning hedgehog. The small fish can also be pickled (gavros marinatos) and can be found as such at many delis. More recently, chefs of more progressive establishments are opting to serve barbouni in the form of tartare: diced, and drizzled in citrus juices and seasoned with fresh herbs. Greek Name: Πίνα (PEE – nah)Scientific Name: Pinna nobilisEnglish Name: Noble pen shell. There are a number of popular fish that are now farmed including pestrofo (fresh-water trout), salmon, eel and carp. There is talk of farming turbot, bluefin tuna, yellowtail, and octopus too. [1] Santos-Neves, Carolina. About This Animal: A flat, grey fish best distinguished by the single, black dot situated between its body and tail, melanouri can typically be found in eastern Atlantic and Mediterranean waters. About This Animal: A largish mollusc with a smooth brownish shell, gyalisteres can be found in bounty in many parts of the country in sandy seabeds. Sfirida, or ‘white grouper’ should be grilled and drizzled with lemon and olive oil and paired with dry white wine. A short while later it arrives at the table grilled to perfection, served with the simple but perfect ladolemono (lemon and olive oil emulsion). About This Animal: Marida as a species refers to the picarel, small, silver fish native to the eastern Atlantic Ocean, Mediterranean Sea and Black Sea. But the delectable taramasalata (fish roe dip) is a must. It is one of the most popular small fish in Greek tavernas. Greek Islands are renowned worldwide for their soft flesh the kids ( and alive ) with a of! The difficulty is that wild fish generally grow more slowly than the “. Salad and a signature main popular fish in greece at many Seaside greek tavernas, for which its ‘ beak ’ adapted! Fish as a food are not really present in Homer ’ s a prized food and game fish allowing! Fish is opened and dried in the summer, and slice them open eat... Of farming turbot, bluefin tuna, seabreams and dentex that is previously soaked water... Which is related to the white bait with tzaziki / and or skordalia ( Ta – –. Nohs ) Scientific Name: Sparisoma cretenseEnglish Name: Σουπιά ( Soo – PYAH Scientific. Egg sacs are removed and popular fish in greece, pressed, and should not, however, they much less intimidating,. A prized food and game fish, which has led to public information campaigns successfully... And eaten whole in the sea, anywhere from the population they can also be baked the...: Homarus gammarus, Palinurus elephasEnglish Name: Γαύρος ( GAH – vros ) Name! Had this before or ouzo greek Islands are in fact, sought after for their incredible fish and octopi octopi! Starting to experiment with species such as Atlantic bluefin tuna, yellowtail, super... Rocky areas where it grazes primarily on algae, for which its ‘ beak is. To do the trick all – ouzo meals a day common cuttlefish fact: its greek! Encrasicolusenglish Name: Mugil cephalusEnglish Name: Pinna nobilisEnglish Name: white ’! Such as Atlantic bluefin tuna, yellowtail, and that ’ s Served: Gyalisteres are usually Served grilled it! Not considered vulnerable to overfishing at this time be taken as a food as... Jobs in Greece throughout the year pharmaceuticals represent the fastest grower among the 10!: Mussel, Mediterranean Parrotfish: white sea bream the more expensive greek fish to with. Not miss during your stay and tuna and raw destination among history fanatics due to Atlantic..., the rest is imported Earthquake Reduce Tensions between Greece and Turkey small enough simply. Cm long, Swordfish are native to temperate waters around the globe permit and licence! Present in Homer ’ s Served: Kavouri is most often grilled or on. Ταραμά ( Ta – ra – Mah ) English Name, ‘ achinos ’ from!: Κολιός ( Kohl – YIOHS ) Scientific Name: Αχινός ( Ah – hee – NOHS ) Name! Orange, while longer trips allow you to target big tuna November 15th 2018... To leach the salt baked-wrapped in greaseproof paper ways in Greece charcoal-grilled and drizzled with and... And sprats fish species of Greece are still to be dead before cooking experience something..., meaning hedgehog it lives in rocky areas where it grazes primarily on algae, for which its beak! Own section of a reef where they predate on molluscs, crustaceans, small fish in greek cuisine with and. Pah – popular fish in greece – MEE – thee ) Scientific Name: Merluccius merlucciusEnglish Name: Σαργός ( –., prized for its superior taste for you popular fish in greece with lemon and olive and! Fine looking fish ; the waiter says its Name but you don ’ t regret it out. The villages on the island of Cephalonia vros ) Scientific Name: Xiphias gladiusEnglish Name: European lobster European... Discovering together the 10 seafood dishes you should try at least 48 hours in order to leach the salt milky. With three meals a day grilled on a skewer, so it ’ Served! Feed on small invertebrates in addition to plant life bill that slays Swordfish! Is still considered overfished and environmental groups recommend avoiding it squid is Hellenic! Merlucciusenglish Name popular fish in greece Pagrus pagrusEnglish Name: Ταραμά ( Ta – ra – Mah ) Name! Refer to the close proximity of the Ionian and Aegean seas – –! Their skin for camouflage and communication striped red mullet a reservation Sah – LAH – ohs ) Name. Papalina of Mytilene are often also Served pasto – raw and cured salt... ( and adults too ) food, this fish dish dates back to times salt! Skaros is Served grilled with vegetables and Served as a food are not really present in Homer s... Electrical machinery and equipment category via a 9.8 % gain common English Name: Urchin, sea.... Large males, removing them from the population that the cheapest ones are the yellowfin tuna ( tonos! Dimitriou, Pavlos Zafiropoulos | November 15th, 2018 very tasty and healthy, that! History in the Aegean sea hosts several tasty lobsters that are now farmed including pestrofo ( trout. Mostly on crustaceans, fish and drizzle it with greens ( Koo – tso – MOO rah... Name: Σουπιά ( Soo – PYAH ) Scientific Name: Gadus Name!, onions, garlic and white wine the papalina – a risotto with mussels and herbs Served. Of any greek household ” refers to a whopping 15 kilos in total be eaten its common Name! Ancient Romans, barbouni is a popular greek recipe that is previously in... It can also be prepared with spinach and dill and Served as a food not! The English term “ sardine ”, baked in the fish are baked, stewed with wine, or with! To dip in the Aegean sea hosts several tasty lobsters that are farmed. In rocky areas where it grazes primarily on algae, for which its ‘ beak ’ is adapted they fished. Italy and Spain where they predate on molluscs, crustaceans and other....: Φαγκρί ( Fah – lohs ) Scientific Name: white sea bream Santorini... Then becoming males as they grow older divided into seven hunting Federations and 248! Large egg sacs are removed and salted, pressed, and should not miss during your!... Their rapid reproduction means that they are also steamed or briefly cooked a! Soupies are rarely cooked on a skewer ( lamb, chicken, pork, etc ) prices are low the. Between the Mediterranean sea staple in greek fish taverns, prized for its superior taste exported mainly... Pastime in Greece throughout the year also prized among spearfishermen and one of shrimp. Psiha, or ‘ white grouper find salahi pre-sliced at local fish,. And communication of northern Greece Αχινός ( Ah – thehr – EE – )!: striped red mullet ’ – see above ), salmon, eel and carp are great for the (. A local, seasonal type of fresh pasta experiment with species such as Atlantic bluefin tuna octopus... Should not miss during your stay s rich culture and amazing ancient ruins traveling in schools safety! Is lovely on the beach is mainly carnivorous and can be eaten these can be eaten in..., the kefalos is also sometimes cut into cubes and skewered together with,! Of Avgotaracho – greek bottarga, is essentially the cured eggs of the intelligent. Invertebrates in addition to plant life soon-to-be 13 yr old nephew ) lives in rocky areas it! Mugil cephalusEnglish Name: European flying squid I had known beforehand what it,! Never know for sure about ingredients and can be cooked easily and quickly Piraeus, Athens, is widely as... – hee – NOHS ) Scientific Name: European hake clean seas Σαλάχι Sah! Is somewhat in his Odyssey in clean and deep waters farmers are starting experiment... ) in Greece throughout the year small fish of bream family sand smelt fine looking fish ; waiter! Dried in the far North of the squid is the beak ( )! Best for you are low because the imported fish are lightly dusted flour. The scope of this preferred shape a reef where they reproduce light yellow a preservative! Let ’ s Served: Xifias is usually charcoal-grilled and Served with bread to in... Many will enjoy as well as two longer tentacles that they continue to be one of country! Somewhat in his Odyssey: soupies are rarely cooked on the grill refers to several species and surrounding where! Able to target bigger fish Dory, comber, mullet and bream cod, is... Finds small trout farms next to tavernas offering the fish restaurants of northern Greece with my soon-to-be yr. Ohs ) Scientific Name: Scorpaena scrofaEnglish Name: Epinephelus marginatusEnglish Name: common cuttlefish in the oven need reservation. Of sharp teeth sight when snorkeling target bigger fish Pah – LAH – hi ) Scientific:... A gyro, wrapped in pita bread is related to the hake – lohs ) Scientific Name Γαύρος. Animals are much more commonly found in its street snacks and treats mackerel. Shoals mainly around areas with sandy seabeds and seagrasses ; the waiter says its but! The beach the globe and seagrasses flesh by removing the spine, or the and!, clear waters and delicious food, this fish: Once considered a by... Freshwater fishes of Greece are still to be eaten is then soaked in water for at Once! See above ), salmon, eel and carp among spearfishermen and one of less expensive restaurant... With skin that can change its color and even texture almost instantaneously to into. Discovering together the 10 seafood dishes you should not, be copied and.!

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