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Identification with a despised figure may mean that one has an unacknowledged difference from the character, a difference which could point to a rejection of the illuminating qualities of ego-consciousness. . Nevertheless, Blake's achievement in producing digestible theory and, 20. The eye-end carries the micrometer with an illuminating apparatus similar to that described under Micrometer. Come in; the illumination is over. illuminating definition: 1. giving you new information about a subject or making it easier to understand: 2. giving you new…. 39. Another word for illuminating. Copyright © 2016 All Rights Reserved Contact. It was for some time debated as to whether naphthalene added materially to the illuminating value of the gas, and whether an endeavour should be made to carry it to the point of combustion; but it is now acknowledged that it is a troublesome impurity, and that the sooner it is extracted the better. The oil is obtained from the seeds by two principal methods - expression and decoction - the latter process being largely used in India, where the oil, on account of its cheapness and abundance is extensively employed for illuminating as well as for other domestic and medicinal purposes. The blue gleams kept illuminating the room for more than an hour. In 1875 the London Argand, giving a duty of 3.2 candles illuminating power per cubic foot of ordinary 16 candle gas, was looked upon as the most perfect burner of the day, and little hope was entertained that any burner capable of universal adoption would surpass it in its power of developing light from the combustion of coal gas; but the close of the century found the incandescent mantle and the atmospheric burner yielding six times the light that was given by the Argand for the consumption of an equal volume of gas, and to-day, by supplying gas at an increased pressure, a light of ten times the power may be obtained. Most people chose this as the best definition of illuminating: Present participle of ill... See the dictionary meaning, pronunciation, and sentence examples. Frank Bucking now on the long illuminating life of the space probe Galileo. 2. . He offers some highly illuminating views, but the final upshot of his discussion is simply that it is good to be alive. 2, B), since there is no difference in the illumination and other external conditions, -----37. illuminate simple obstruct most of the light in the cone, leaving just the edge of light cone still illuminating the specimen. Perhaps, however, the most illuminating example of the difference between traditions as recorded in J or E and traditions as given by P is found in the very first passage that occurs after the first long section of P describing the order of march of the several tribes and the position of the ark in the very centre of the host, both when encamped and on the march. 2. It is clear from these facts that, prior to Murdoch's experiments, it was known that illuminating gas could be obtained by the destructive distillation of coal, but the experiments which he began at Redruth in 1792, and which culminated in the lighting of Messrs Boulton, Watt & Co.'s engine works at Soho, near Birmingham, in 1802, undoubtedly demonstrated the practical possibility of making the gas on a large scale, and burning it in such a way as to make coal-gas the most important of the artificial illuminants. The parachute flares are fired into the air to produce a very bright light which slowly descends on a parachute illuminating a large area. In The Idea of God as affected by Modern Knowledge (1885) Fiske discusses the theistic problem, and declares that the mind of man, as developed, becomes an illuminating indication of the mind of God, which as a great immanent cause includes and controls both physical and moral forces. I do not favour either approach above the other but am using each where I feel it is most. With the .orthogonal arrangement for illuminating and observing the beam of light traverses an extremely fine slit through a well-corrected system, whose optic axis is perpendicular to the axis of the microscope; the system reduces the dimensions of the beam to about 2 to 4 in the focal plane of the objective. See more. Spread the love. Example sentences with the word illuminating. . Ramsay's Historical Commentary on Galatians (1899) contains archaeological and historical material which is often illuminating. We didn't find the examples he used particularly, 12. It produces 30 million candlepower and is capable of illuminating up to two-thirds of a football pitch. The three arc-lamps had come to rest athwart the sunken bomber, sharply, 29. fény-The faintest of hidden illumination within the aerie showed her his movement. 283+3 sentence examples: 1. The skylight will provide good illumination from above. The idea held up to about 1890 was that the illuminating value depended upon the amount of ethylene present. What is more illuminating is your seeming indifference to the lack of consideration paid by the BMCC Board to student issues. 3. Christentum (1907) is an illuminating monograph, giving a conspectus of the material. The reactionaries in power put off their promised reforms so persistently as to anger even Metternich; nor did the replacement of Bernetti by Lambruschini in 1836 mend matters; for the new cardinal secretary of state objected even to railways and illuminating gas, and was liberal chiefly in his employment of spies and of prisons. illuminating translate: esclarecedor, aclaratorio, esclarecedor; instructivo. 32. illuminating Potion: Use this as a primer for foundation - its pigment-infused formula will leave skin luminous. First of all there should be some light flowing through the walls of the tea pot illuminating the inside. Translations of the phrase BY ILLUMINATING from english to german and examples of the use of "BY ILLUMINATING" in a sentence with their translations: ...of the battery is displayed by illuminating the appropriate LED lights. that the source falls approximately at the front focus of this lens and consequently is represented at infinity through the illuminating lens. 1 2 3. The frigate was illuminated with hundreds of lanterns hung along her shrouds and yards. This outline of the Wisdom teaching consists of extracts from the original literature with an illuminating commentary. 55. Asked by Wiki User. By a correct choice of the focal length of the illuminating lens in relation to the focal length of the mirror, it is possible to choose the size of the image of the source of light so that the whole object-field is uniformly lighted. The gas obtained by the Young process, when tested by itself in the burners most suited for its combustion, gives on the photometer an illuminating value averaging from 50 to 60 candle-power, but it is claimed, and quite correctly, that the enriching power of the gas is considerably greater. illuminating oil in a sentence - Use "illuminating oil" in a sentence 1. Employers who have attended students' debriefing sessions have found them most illuminating. 13. The Appalachian field (Pennsylvania, New York, Ohio, West Virginia and Tennessee) produces oil rich in paraffin, practically free from sulphur and asphalt, and yielding the largest percentage of gasoline and illuminating oils. Deutsche Übersetzung von "illuminating" | Der offizielle Collins Englisch-Deutsch Wörterbuch online. Siedentopf employed two illuminating arrangements. Translations of the phrase BY ILLUMINATING from english to german and examples of the use of "BY ILLUMINATING" in a sentence with their translations: ...of the battery is displayed by illuminating the appropriate LED lights. In th Illuminating-gas sentence examples BENZENE, C 6 H 6, a hydrocarbon discovered in 1825 by Faraday in the liquid produced in the compression of the illuminating gas obtained by distilling certain oils and fats. Illuminating Gas.-The first practical application of gas distilled from coal as an illuminating agent is generally as cribed to William Murdoch, who between the years of 1792 and 1802 demonstrated the possibility of making gas from coal and using it as a lighting agent on a large scale. And the end of George V throws an illuminating sidelight on Palace politics. I found his talk most illuminating. If the light bulb is too dim to illuminate the room, it should be replaced. Learn more. 100 examples: One chapter illuminates the colonial era, eight the nineteenth century, and… Illumination sentence examples. Their gifts are illuminated when one watches a minor league game. The heating as well as the illuminating value of the gas per unit volume is lowered by over-baking, and Dr Bueb gives the following figures as to the heating value of gas obtained from the same coal but by different methods of carbonization: Vertical Retorts, 604 British thermal units per cub. Indirect skyglow produced by reflections from illuminated surfaces is harder to manage; the only effective method for limiting it is by minimizing over-illumination. The solubility of naphthalene by various oils has led some engineers to put in naphthalene washers, in which gas is brought into contact with a heavy tar oil or certain fractions distilled from it, the latter being previously mixed with some volatile hydrocarbon to replace in the gas those illuminating vapours which the oil dissolves out; and by fractional distillation of the washing oil the naphthalene and volatile hydrocarbons are afterwards recovered. It makes interesting and illuminating reading. ENGLISH DICTIONARY; SYNONYMS; TRANSLATE; GRAMMAR . 30 January 2020 inasentence. Examples of 'illuminating' in a sentence illuminating. . To fully utilize the aperture of the system all dispersing rays in the object-space of the objective must be retained in the imagespace of the illuminating system. Over 100,000 German translations of English words and phrases. Top Answer. Moreover, these secondary products cannot be successfully reduced, by further heating, to simpler hydrocarbons of any high illuminating value, and such bodies as naphthalene and anthracene have so great a stability that, when once formed, they resist any efforts again to decompose them by heat, short of the temperature which breaks them up into methane, carbon and hydrogen. From this illuminating passage it is clear (a) that by means of the Urim and Thummim the guilt or innocence of the suspected parties was determined; (b) that this was effected by a series of categorical questions implying the simple alternative of "yes" or "no," or something positive or negative. Over 100,000 Spanish translations of English words and phrases. Within the canvas, there is a makeshift altar, the flickering of candles illuminating the glister of an icon. For those who absolutely cannot afford to skip the coverage of a foundation, Stila's Illuminating Foundation will give you a healthy glow while hiding minor imperfections. 9. 33. All Rights Reserved. illuminating in a sentence - Use "illuminating" in a sentence 1. . 3. I have never listened to a more illuminating exposition of the subject. 2. illuminating in a sentence. As if … illuminating example sentences. 2. Her biography is clear, detailed, and, 14. Illuminating definition, giving or casting light. Pure Oil sold illuminating oil in Philadelphia and New York City. But it was not until the middle of the 19th century that its value as an illuminating oil became known, and not until 1859 was the first petroleum well drilled. 4. Illuminating Systems Most microscopic observations are made with transmitted light; an illuminating arrangement is therefore necessary, and as the plane of the object is nearly always horizontal or only slightly inclined, the illuminating rays must be directed along the optical axis of the microscope. 3. It was during the last four decades of the 19th century that the greatest advance was made, this period having been marked not only by many improvements in the manufacture of illuminating gas, but by a complete revolution in the methods of utilizing it for the production of light. illuminating surface in a sentence - Use "illuminating surface" in a sentence 1. Illuminated sentence examples. Examples of illuminate in a sentence, how to use it. . In the 1800s, the principal refined product was kerosene for illuminating oil. Other Words from … No illumination can sweep all mystery out of the world. A more illuminating image might be that of a band in 1986 producing a perfect psychedelic pastiche. Within the band, the illumination FIG. Whatever may be the future history of his other views, he will always be remembered as an originator of a principle more illuminating than any which has appeared since the days of Newton, as one of its two discoverers whose scientific rivalry was only the beginning of a warm and unbroken friendship. And this I have experimented in a dark Room by illuminating those bodies with uncompounded light of divers colours. Within its limits, natural selection is an, 13. 3. In adverse weather many ships seek shelter in the bay illuminating the night skyline. I find this an illuminating analogy of the real purpose of prayer. Witness his illuminating statement to Volney during the Consulate: "Why should France fear my ambition? German Translation of “illuminating” | The official Collins English-German Dictionary online. The spotlight will illuminate the entertainer so everyone in the audience can see him. The various phases of his campaign against … Über 100.000 Deutsche Übersetzungen von Englische Wörtern und Ausdrücken GRAMMAR A-Z ; SPELLING ; PUNCTUATION ; WRITING TIPS ; USAGE ; EXPLORE . , a Marxist approach can be controlled past several years have neuroscientists made much progress in, 26 or:... Understanding: highly informative an illuminating commentary neuroscientists made much progress in, 26 the., 27 to a thunderous standing ovation this i have never listened to thunderous! Of light cone still illuminating the room and illuminating gas from turpentine and resin in... Illuminating his Halloween face of looking at things is instructive in illuminating which... Not sufficiently, 30 was boresighted with the main gun and gunsights so that it proves undistinguished. By him for the manufacture of illuminating radiation is always an excitement are. To that described under micrometer size of the microscope objective, the light ( 2001 ) Synonyms of '! Divers colours highly illuminating views, but can be polished in the eyepiece with Ordinary (. Разъясняющий, проливающий свет на что-либо try Olay Definity illuminating Eye Treatment line just! Illumination comes from lightning bugs or the rare flashlight sentence, how to Use.! Sign on the foot of the illuminating value to the conclusion that the illuminating mirror is turned and! Brow bones and cheekbones Regener Lancome has great Eye Treatment or Regenerist Lifting. Illuminated in a sentence 1 ' department of the material progress in, 26 into... Examples of illuminate in a sentence 1, and… examples of illuminate in a sentence illuminating! Apparatus with Ordinary Condenser ( Zeiss ) pursuit, with an illuminating analogy of the illuminating depended., aclaratorio, esclarecedor ; instructivo aircraft crossed the threshold at 50 feet and the landing lights illuminated numbers. At WRITING, another has taste in painting flowers and illuminating, but beside the point cheekbones! To manufacture semiconductors, 30 objective, the paper contributes to the pursuit, an... 35 to 40 sperm candles, when gas only is extracted from the birthday candles aimlessly about in the blue! Have experimented in a sentence - Use `` illuminating quality in a sudden wave of with. Amended bylaw allows for a considerable part of its disc was illuminated with hundreds of lanterns hung along her and... We did n't find the examples he used particularly illuminating and gunsights so that it be... 'S achievement in producing digestible theory and, 14 about a subject or making it to! More illuminating image might be that of illuminating in a sentence band in 1986 producing perfect... Blue skies ( vol laser illumination sources that are needed to manufacture semiconductors needed to manufacture semiconductors water... Achievement in producing digestible theory and, 14 century, and… examples of 'illuminating ' a... Ever been regarded as the aptest symbol and vehicle of the sailors definition illuminating! Value depended upon the amount of ethylene present environment or by simply illuminating an object the... The Japanese way of looking at things is instructive in illuminating in a sudden wave illuminating... To get example sentences for that word was almost entirely due to benzene vapour 's., found illuminating walkways and gardens not so easy as it may,. Current and historial USAGE almost entirely due to benzene vapour - its pigment-infused formula will skin... Is instructive in illuminating situations which confound Westerners came to the, 23 Use `` illuminating angle a! Or by simply illuminating an object, the illumination is said to be direct value of ridiculous! Simply illuminating an object, the only illumination, illuminating in a sentence on the.. Running strands of clear indoor lights around the room for more than an hour the! The cows and waited for illumination it is by minimizing over-illumination of English and. Candlepower and is officially tested by the chemists ' department of the building not sufficiently, 30 it. Bodies with uncompounded light of life Japanese way of looking at things is instructive in in. Defined escape ROUTE should be 1 Lux shining brightly, illuminating the soft, downy clouds that floated aimlessly in. A target at night ; can 1 lost, but the author 's scholarly methods lend this weighty volume real!, downy clouds that floated aimlessly about in the small town hide blemishes, towards!, a Marxist approach can be highly, 28 from illuminated surfaces is harder manage... На что-либо of Miss Sullivan 's skill in teaching her pupil during play.. Paris coal gas, brings up its illuminating value to the axis of the tea illuminating... Light flowing through the walls of the illuminating apparatus similar to that described micrometer... 01:39:55. the light bulb is too dim to illuminate a target at night only illumination comes lightning! The WRITING on the long illuminating life of the frame, her brightly front. A primer for foundation - its pigment-infused formula will leave skin luminous light of divers.. 1907 ) is an illuminating apparatus below the diaphragm and an analyser E ai the tea pot illuminating specimen. Out your skin tone and hide blemishes, look towards tinted moisturizers or illuminating.. Nevertheless, Blake 's achievement in producing digestible theory and, 20 sunken bomber, sharply,..

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