php day of week number

$date = "2012-01-21"; //Get the day of the week using PHP's date function. Anzeige. To add to the confusion, PHP's methods themselves seem confused about what the first and last day of the week are. If you omit the second argument, it returns the current date/time in the given format. Can have one of the following values: 0 - Default. Difference between two dates: 19 Days Three PHP functions are used in the above script to find the number of days between two dates. Consequently, the first Monday is always between December 29 and January 4. fell on a ' . Returns timestamp for first day of week (for me Monday) - "yyyy-Www-d", where yyyy is 4-digit year, W is literal, ww is 2-digit weeknumber and dd is day of week (1 for Monday, 7 for Sunday)

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