Red water, Blue water, Yellow water

Le 3 January 2018 à 16:22
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^ Hello dear brothers and sisters. I live in London (United Kingdom), I speak English and French.
All of my blogs use both languages. I am proud to belong to the church that Jesus-Christ himself sent from heaven, in order to teach his children how to worship the Almighty God the way he deserves to be honoured. Thanks to our Pastor / Founder Samuel Bileou Joseph Oshoffa who succeeded in the mission God entrusted him.
One day, I had a dream in which Jesus-Christ gave me a big crucifix and a book, saying "go and teach my children". To start this mission, I have built two websites, one about Jesus and the second about the Holy Virgin Mary : www, and
Five years before that dream, the Angel of the Lord said to me "There are three waters which lead to Heaven : one is red, one is blue, one is yellow" (the red water is the blood of Jesus, the blue water is knowledge which produces wisdom, the yellow water is the armour of holiness, because without holiness, no one will see God - Hebrews 12, 14-15).
I have also created a Youtube Channel, “JESUS IS JESUS”. Here is the link : . On this channel I will post videos from the 12th January 2018, and I will also be doing livestreams.
The 3rd step will be the printing of this teaching, and its translation in many other languages, so that much more children of God can benefit from this knowledge.
Finally, Group prayers are also part of the programm.

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