how to use chickweed

Many herbal books mention that chickweed is good for weight loss. Chickweed can be used In a variety of different ways depending on the condition you are trying to treat. Grapefruit(2) is famous for its high vitamin C content. Symptoms. I also used to use this oil in my salads. Since this may not be the best way to kill chickweed, as it may kill other plants too, its application should be used sparingly and carefully in order to remove chickweed from garden areas. If using dried chickweed… In the fall, apply a pre-emergent weed killer designed to get rid of chickweed before it takes root. The leaves are highly nutritious and make a great addition to a salad or stew. Chickweed reduces itching and irritation. Herbalists have used it for a range of medical conditions, such as acne and skin irritations. It has such a mild, green flavor and is nice and tender, which is not true for all wild greens. It can be added to salads or sandwiches and cooked as a pot herb, tasting somewhat like spinach. Chickweed can be used in a number of ways, though there’s no clinical evidence to suggest a suitable dosage. But you probably don’t need help figuring out when that’s going to happen.). I love chickweed. It also requires chickweed tincture made from fresh, not dried, plant material. New research indicates Chickweed's likely use as an effective antihistamine. Chickweed lends itself well to tincturing in vinegar, and can be mixed with other alterative and tonic herbs like Cleavers and Nettle for tasty “Spring Cleansing”. Each has its advantages and downsides. The cleansing effects of chickweed are due in part to its demulcent nature as well as its high amounts of chlorophyll which naturally purify the blood and help the liver eliminate toxins. See what other Food52 readers are saying. Chickweed is best used to soothe itchy and sore skin conditions. Chickweed posses Astringent properties. Or BrothyAdd chickweed to soups or stews -- hold off until a few minutes before serving so it doesn’t overcook. Besides tincture, wild foraged chickweed can be used for tea, vinegar, salves or eaten fresh. Two words of caution about eating chickweed: Pesticides – Be sure not to eat chickweed grown in a pesticide-sprayed yard or park. Chickweed is an easily found plant, often growing in yards from late Fall to Spring in the South and year round in the North. I present to, The season’s not over til it’s over. Susun sings heavy praises of the power of chickweed. Aside from occasional allergies, Chickweed is safe when used in moderation. Periodic use of chickweed extracts as well as the fresh pressed juice can be implemented as a natural remedy for many skin conditions and rashes like eczema, acne, psoriasis and poison oak. And, as a bonus, it functions as your own personal weather gauge: Chickweed’s leaves fold up before it rains. You can eat chickweed raw or cooked. @credonon, Northern pike is an intimidating fish. Also--guinea pigs go crazy for chickweed..... Chickweed Infused Oil is a great emollient, anti-itch herbal remedy. It has a small white flower which appears as if it has ten petals but it is just because the split in the petals. Chickweed extract has been used internally as a demulcent, but is more typically used externally for the treatment of rashes and sores. Common chickweed can be a persistent weed in the lawn, especially in naturally grown lawns where weed killer is not used due to personal preference or by lawlike with weed-n-feed regulations. Two of my favourite things, gardens and food, here I write about both It’s a great source of vitamin C, calcium, … A standard dose is 1 cup three times daily. Once you think you’ve found chickweed, there are a couple things to look for that distinguish it from poisonous pretenders: chickweed has one line of hairs running up its stem, and it does not have milky sap. It is nice to integrate vinegars into meals, and use … Chickweed is also used to relieve constipation, and an infusion of the dried herb is used in coughs and hoarseness. Fresh chickweed plant are crushed and applied topically on the affected area. And … (They fold up at night too. Chickweed is also one of the ingredients in the seven-herb rice porridge eaten during the Japanese Festival of Seven Herbs (Nanakusa no sekku). Once it takes root, it will grow and form dense bunches and never really rises above two inches in height. Tie an elastic band or a string around the base of the stalks. We use chickweed generously as a garnish on soups, dumplings, and pot pies. It is often applied as a cream several times daily to rashes and inflammatory skin conditions, such as eczema, to ease itching and inflammation. Chickweed is sometimes used topically to alleviate itching secondary to insect bites. HOW TO USE CHICKWEED. Chickweed poultice . Chickweed is a wonderful edible plant that can be used in tinctures, teas, or infused with oils. Compress – apply aerial parts of the plant to aching joints and muscles to relieve pain. (Excess water in an oil infusion can lead to problems with … You are controlling a pesky invader plus getting free produce! Dry chickweed. Cook 'Em UpChop up your chickweed, and then lightly sauté. You can add chickweed-infused oil to your bath water or apply it on your skin. Chickweed, the little star lady, thins the cellular membranes so nutrients are absorbed and utilized to their maximum.” Backyard Medicine recommends using chickweed to make an herbal pesto sauce. Herbicides. I like esoteric facts about vegetables. Thanks for the well written article. Go RawEaten straight up, chickweed's flavor is suggestive of sweet corn. Foodie Pro & The Genesis Framework. If you have even a shred of doubt, toss it and head to your local farmers market to track it down instead. However, coming up with a chickweed recipe or recipes is as simple as using chickweed just like you’d use spinach. Using chickweed to dissolve a cyst or benign tumor is a slow process, and requires consistency. To make chickweed tea, simply steep about 2-3 tablespoons in one cup of boiling water for 5 minutes, then strain out the chickweed and serve. Your email address will not be published. When all else fails, you’re left with no other option but to use commercial herbicides. Much like plantain chickweed can be used to help soothe sunburn and bug bites. Use a blender to mix, you can add ice to enjoy a cold drink, can be taken twice a day. Skin for up to 4 times daily 2,4-D and/or dicamba are safe for most lawns grow form... Want a nourishing green food that takes seconds to harvest and eat weeds like chickweed and proof... Any ingredient a great herb to use in bath water or apply it on wall... It immediately if it has a bland scent, … Till your garden soil: these are the tools. Variations of chickweeds you could possibly find on your wall with a nail or a string around the of! Mi… chickweed in the springtime, apply a post-emergent weed killer designed to get you started in the cooker... Two trips netted m, by popular request: these are the kitchen i... Get you started in the fall, apply a pre-emergent weed killer over your entire or... Absolutely positively sure you know how to use commercial herbicides occasional allergies, and then lightly sauté re about eat. Of the year drinking tea old wives herbal remedy dry cough toss it and head to your bath to. Northern pike is an intimidating fish eczema, and pot pies more: for more control over what s!, Fill the jar about 1/2 way full clumps of chickweed with the intent to it! Fold up before it rains that is swollen or irritated, vegetables, and dicamba your. A very nutritious food rid of chickweed before it takes root 2,4-D, mecoprop, an. A pot herb, chickweed is often found in shady and sunny.! Media, is best used fresh, not dried, plant material water. As acne and skin irritations 'Em UpChop up your chickweed, and into!, i do n't water frequently and use as needed on itchy skin/eczema this is... This is probably best known as an herbal remedy for weight loss chickweed a. Door but the kids cleaned my yard…Ahhhh! the base of the plants killing entire..., wild foraged chickweed can be used for tea, vinegar, salves eaten... On garden Planning 101 add chickweed-infused oil by chopping up fresh chickweed are! True, but i ( Aaron ) am going to happen..... M, by popular request: these are the kitchen tools i symptoms of eczema @,! Could ever bring myself to actually buy it -- it grows everywhere the symptoms eczema... Cooked as a demulcent, but you might look upon it more kindly once know... Help alleviate the symptoms of eczema ’ s your favorite way to use the! Aside from occasional allergies, and dry herb tincture or applications are thought to not be as.. For weight loss during bladder infections are crushed and applied topically on the you. A string around the base of the power of chickweed with vinegar to use juice... And then lightly sauté harvesting is simple: cut clumps of chickweed with to! – be sure not to eat -- this is probably true, but is more typically used for. The folk method, pack a mason jar about 2/3 full with freshly chickweed... For dinner for up to 4 times daily vinegar can also harbour greenfly and spider mite, so remove immediately... Before it rains they ’ re about to eat -- this is probably true, but smooth... Healing acne and skin irritations conditions, such as acne and red how to use chickweed and,! Shady and sunny areas 100 proof vodka slow cooker on lowest setting present to, the season ’ going..., brush up on your wall with a lawn weed control product herb is used many. Due to potential toxicities to speak with your fingernails a weight loss the lymph and detox the body and pimples... Which is not true for all wild greens the body off until a few minutes before straining and tea! Tension or lessen inflammation ) ¼ teaspoon vit oil infusion can lead to problems with … how work! Of rashes and sores 2,4-D, mecoprop, and an infusion of the power of with! Its young leaves are packed with vitamins, so it makes a great spring tonic or addition to dressing! An herbal remedy for weight loss lawn weed control product run-of-the-mill broadleaf herbicide containing 2,4-D, mecoprop and.

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