conn 88h elkhart

This one is stamped, Custom Made for John Engelkes (of the San Francisco Symphony). These are original Ed Thayer valves. SOLD, Here is an early production model King 2102 Legend, which is the same as a model 2B. $2000 with case. It has been well loved and used. The bell engraving is slightly less visible because of the restoration but overall the trumpet is a looker! It is a desirable vintage and certainly will make someone very happy to own it. $1850 with original Bach NY case. It is in terrific condition and has the original Paxman case (along with many airline stickers, Brian was an avid pilot). The 25H leadpipe was developed for Herseth and is a shorter and more open blowing pipe. This model is one of the best and most classic sounding bass trombones out there. $2100, Top of the line trombone from Edwards in Wisconsin. It was used by the legendary studio hornist, Brian O'Connor, and has many years of life left in it. It has a one piece Minick bell flare, the valves are dependent and also stamped. It's in very good lightly used condition with some minor cosmetic blems. Regardless, they are excellent trombones for young professionals or intermediate players looking for a quality large bore trombone at a decent price. The two are them brazed together creating a X at the bell seam. In great shape, some minor cosmetic lacquer wear. This horn is in excellent condition. Takes a medium/euro shank mouthpiece. This is the top of the line premier euphonium made by Yamaha, and arguably one of the very best playing euphoniums in the world. There are some dents here and there but nothing major on the bell or back bow. This Shires bass trombone is a few years old and remains in very good condition. My favorite single valve bass trombone is the Conn 70H and this is a beautiful example. This orchestral C trumpet was designed using the Chicago Symphony Mt Vernon C trumpet as a model. This one is in excellent condition and is a good vintage being from the 1960s. $750, Greenhoe trombones are regarded as some of the finest orchestral trombones ever made. This is a Kanstul model 1606-ST, a very unusual and rare instrument from Kanstul. This is a Bach style trombone, one piece bell, open standard rotary valve. Plays great with a big broad orchestral sound, response is immediate and intonation is consistent throughout the overtones. This trombone was owned and played by the legendary studio trombonist Lloyd Ulyate. Slide action is great. This is a Shires Master Series trombone. It is unlacquered. $1500 with case. $1250 with case. The pro select was a less expensive option to the Artist custom model. SOLD, This was the Ralph Sauer setup for many years before Ralph switched to his Shires (with similar specs). $1350, The classic small bore tenor trombone from Vincent Bach's original factory located in the Bronx, New York. Arguably one of the nicest King 3Bs I have seen in a very very long time. The instrument is in nice condition and was recently cleaned. REDUCED $1000, Here is a very exciting trombone, a custom made Conn Gen II 88HKO for Ralph Sauer. $2300 SOLD, Used B&S PT20P silver CC Tuba. The bell is a good thickness, not too heavy and very responsive. This beautiful Conn 8D was built in 1958 and is a 700,000 series serial number. I'm very excited to have this instrument here at The Brass Ark. $1100 with case. There is something special about the bell flares on these instruments and the added bonus of having an F attachment is huge. Features a one piece 8.5" gold brass bell, open wrap rotary valve (linkage has been upgraded) with a .547" slide. We lovingly restored it in house at The Brass Medic, rebuilt the slide, remounted the bell and had a new Brassark 36 pipe installed press fit. SOLD, Here's a nice single valve Bach 50B, ready to be played as is or modified with your favorite valve section (I highly recommend the new progressive bore hangman valves!). Comes with a newish case $2450, Very nice used Shires large bore tenor trombone in very good condition. They also feature the nickel silver tone ring, which is a striking visual feature of this model. The yellow bell is a 9144CF and the red bell is a 9191CF. Sale Pending, Here's something I've never seen before! The sound… simply amazing. It looks nearly new with a few small blems in the lacquer. This particular instrument is in very good condition with little wear and no evidence of repairs. Some minor contact wear in a few spots but overall very clean. Comes with a Glenn Cronkhite cordura case. One of the easiest and warmest sounding trombones I've encountered. It was made in the mid 1960s and Dick is the original owner. The bell is fantastic, in great shape with no signs of damage, a crisp engraving and appears to be original lacquer. SOLD, Professional large bore tenor trombone, model 5B made by King. What sets the 90G apart from all other valve trombones is the fact that this is an Elkhart Conn 8H bell section mated to a valve section, thus making it a very playable and great sounding valve trombone. Would be an excellent instrument for a trombonist looking to play a traditional German Romantic trombone but without spending the big bucks on some of the highly collectible brands. It also works great in brass quintet, smaller orchestras, concert bands and most everything else. This is quite a special instrument and one that does not pop up for sale often in this kind of condition. He played it for the duration of his service and when he retired, the instrument was gifted to him. Jay has a lovely article on his website about designing this instrument with Thein, have a look for it in my "links" section on this website. Regarded as one of the best trombone makers in the world. A bargain here, used Shires bass trombone with inline axial valves in Bb/F/Gb/D, BII 2YHWT7 yellow brass bell, B62NLW (lightweight nickel slide). A classic instrument. Interchangeable leadpipes are included. These horns are well suited for pit work, doubling, big bands and any other commercial work… in fact they may do it better than just about any other model bass trombone. It is in very good condition and has been restored in house by Brad Close. $3875 without case. Earl began producing custom trombones in the late 1920s and 1930s in a joint venture with Spike Wallace, the bass trombonist of the Los Angeles Philharmonic at the time. I find very little differences between Earl's horns and Bob's horns, I think they are of equal quality. This one has a gold plated bell section and nickel slide. This one projects like crazy, big warm sound with clarity and color. Not many of these out there anymore. $4850 with case. A totally unique vintage Holton large tenor trombone with a screw off bell flare. These aren't in production any more and I can't imagine many of these TIS models were made. Included is crooks in D/Db/C/Cb with an 11mm bore. The instrument is gold brass with nickel silver accents and hand slide. Works well for 2nd trombone playing too. Has offset piston valves and shoulder guard. Conn 88H Elkhart Trombone, Original case & Remington mouthpiece. These early Bach trombones also had nickel silver neck pipes and no slide lock. Buy one for yourself. Overall in very nice condition, showing some contact wear (it is raw brass). I really like the sound of the gold brass slide with the yellow brass bell and gold tuning slide if offers a nice balance of articulation and warmness. 10.5" yellow brass bell flare and a .562" straight bore standard weight slide. SOLD, Here's a unique tenor trombone made in Yamaha's custom pro shop in Japan. This one is in excellent condition with no repairs and is very lightly used and clean. $5000 with a yamaha case, This is a BAT (Big Ass Tuba)! This particular instrument was acquired from George about 30 years ago by a close friend and was restored and relacquered by Larry Minick at this time. The instrument is unlacquered. It's quite helpful when you have to play low register notes using the 4th valve extension (you have an in tune low B natural with 1,2,3+4). Here is a Bb tenor sackbut for sale, pitch A=440. The medium .508" bore gives a little bit more open response and blow but still feels and reacts like a small bore trombone. Totally unique and rare handmade instrument. Excellent condition and a really nice playing Bach bass trumpet. $1150 ON HOLD. Pictured is a stock photo. Overall in very nice used condition for the age of the horn. This is the model 196. It is very clean, a few small dings and some lacquer scratches. To me, the sound is more modern, packs a more compact punch and is a bit cleaner with distinct clarity... sure, it's not a vintage 62H, but it gets the job done and it does it well and with style, all while maintaining the magical warmth of the "Conn Sound". It seems to have had no serious repairs or trauma and the bell is intact. The instrument had all dents removed, full cleaning and servicing and was lightly buffed and relacquered. $3900 without case, A nice vintage Bach "Corporation" model 37 ML Bb trumpet, in very good condition. Gary Greenhoe makes one of the best boutique rotary valves in the world. Price is $1000 without case. Your best bet would be to order a custom mouthpiece with the Reynolds shank from one of the custom mouthpiece makers. It has seen light use and has only had one owner since it was new in the mid 1990s. It's quite a stunning trombone now! REDUCED $18,500, Here's a newer Conn 62H, Gen II, made at the Eastlake factory. Beautiful mid 1960s Elkhart Conn 88H with special order factory extended trigger lever. It has cosmetic scratches, lacquer wear and has been well used. The Conn 88H Symphony Series F Attachment Trombone offers the pro level player an instrument that has great power and does not break up at extreme dynamic levels. This horn has a one piece beryllium Minick bell, custom Minick open wrap valve, Elkhart 88H slide with removable leadpipe and straight neck pipe. The bell has had a few ripples removed. Most used 3Bs have been played a lot and subsequently are usually in rough shape. Restored vintage Josef Lidl rotary flugelhorn from the most desirable production years. This is a newer Gen II model slide (Part SL6262) with interchangeable leadpipes, comes with 2. I've not seen another bell like this on a Bach before. The K bells tend to be on the thick side and Ralph has John Sandhagen thin the bell to make it more responsive. The original king counterweight is intact (and looks to be gold plated). $850. Personally, I dig a TIS trombone. The slide is raw brass and works well for an unplated brass slide (I find that a brass slide actually enhances the warmth and expressive nature of these instruments, what you lose in slide smoothness you will gain in tonal color). Another killer custom bass trombone, this time based on a King Duo Gravis. The slide has had a tune up by Bruce Belo and it's working great, despite the wavy appearance of the outer tubes. This is a special trombone. It's not a beauty by any argument but it does play well. This trombone is a model 8 and it was made in the Los Angeles shop, and is the earliest stamped model 8 that I have ever seen. This trombone is absolutely gorgeous. This is a single owner instrument and has been in storage since the 1970s. The King 3B is one of the most versatile jazz trombones made. The model 72H is similar to the famous 70H, the difference being it has tuning in the bell instead of in the slide. While this is an intermediate horn, it plays very well and is in a hard to find size. Beautiful and rare Conn 70H bass trombone from the 1920s, with optional E rotary switch valve. Includes a hard case. The instrument also comes with the original Mt Vernon case. It's a beautiful instrument and plays well from top to bottom. SOLD $1000, Well… what can I say. It looks bad, but is easily concealed with inexpensive leather grips ( $1950 with french style case. Made famous in the Hollywood Studios, this Conn 8D is one of the most ubiquitous French Horns in the world. Lightly used Conn 12D French Horn descant horn in Bb/High F. Based on the Paxman design, this features an A stopping valve, tapered rotors and a cut bell. The rotary valves have been modified by Osmun Music in Boston to have the ports opened up, which helped the blow become more even and free. The horn is in fabulous condition with excellent lacquer and free of dents. SOLD, This is quite an interesting vintage Bach 36. This bass is listed for sale at $3400 with protec case. These Jupiter trombones are becoming very popular. This one has 3rd position bell to slide relationship. Some minor cosmetic lacquer wear and a few tiny dings, otherwise this horn is in stellar condition. It is in very good condition with some wear on the contact points from use. It has that classic Germanic timbre with nice clarity and sparkle. This horn is silver plated and in really nice condition. It has a solid core with predictable slotting. The bell flare is from an early Elkhart corporation Bach 42 yellow brass, estimated vintage would be late 1960s/early 1970s. Collection in person only. Also has a modular bell, so I suppose you could order different parts from Thein at a later date. Has a smaller than small shank mouthpiece receiver. Basically it is a copy of a Bach 50B3 bass trombone. It is easy to play with good overtones and top notch craftsmanship in construction. The valve action is good, intonation is good and it makes a great noise. Brad will spruce it up and give it a cleaning and slide job prior to sale. The slide action is excellent with no wear on the tubes. Brad can add a main tuning slide trigger system for an additional cost. I can have the triggers split to modern thumb and forefinger for an extra price (probably around $200-$250). $1800. Not for those with thick necks, as the narrow slide will force the valve to bump you… however, we can widen the slide and provide a custom Brassark seamed crook should you choose for an additional $385. In good condition. $2950 with case, A Conn 8H with lightweight red brass bell, from the UMI period, made in Eastlake Ohio. She's a beauty. This one has some peppered wear on them and despite the appearance the slide still works well. Nice quality professional instrument. This one deserves to be in that category, even with it's well worn condition. Built for a prominent trombonist as his backup instrument, it hasn't been used much at all… I'd say almost factory fresh. This is Bach's version of the King 3B. and the blow and response is even and balanced. Offered for sale, the Bach 50B bass trombone made in the early 1960s in Mt Vernon, New York. $2800 with case. The slide is a straight bore .562" and the bell is a 9.5" yellow brass flare with inline rotary valves in F/D/Gb. The horn plays freakin' great. A classic principal trumpet sound. It plays huge with a bright edgy sound. No other notes stuck out like that for me. You need this because I need this, we all need this… $2500 with slim French style Bach case. As such, it is priced low with he hopes that someone will invest in bringing this rare instrument back to life. No case included. Recently gone through by LA horn guru, John Mason. $2600 with case. $2900 SOLD, The Reynolds Contempora was the professional model instrument introduced in the late 1940s and produced through the mid 1960s. The horn is unlacquered and has some scratches and pitting in the finish. Used Shires Axial "Thayer" valve section with open wrap. These instruments have dependent open wrap rotary valves in Bb/F/D and a dual bore .562"/.578" slide. It has a 2RVE bell flare (red brass, vintage Conn style) in standard weight, a special "Ralph Sauer" Shires rotary valve (this is the same rotor on the Sauer signature trombone) with open wrap tubing, TW47 slide (.547" tenor crook) and a yellow brass tuning slide. SOLD $1975 without case. I've honestly never seen such attention to detail on a brass instrument. This particular instrument was hand assembled from parts at the Bach factory with assistance from Joe Alessi. The model 42 was introduced in the early 1950s to compete with the growing trend of .547" bore instruments as the "go to" orchestral trombone. I was quite happy with the results and I played this trombone on some gigs around town with great success. I believe this beauty is from the 1950s. Conn Brass Serial Numbers (rev.1) This page contains a list of Conn serial numbers for brass instruments. Founding a band instrument manufacturing company in the small town of Elkhart, Indiana, C.G. It is in good physical shape. Slide is dual bore .547/.562". There are times I wish I had the solid sound of the 42b but by far most of the time I'm happier with the more responsive 88H. $1500 with case. This is an early model 16, dual bore .495"/.509", one piece yellow brass bell. These are rare instruments and highly desirable. $2000 with Bach case sold, Ed Kruspe instruments are from arguably the most famous German brass maker. A very nice Holton TR181 bass trombone, excellent lightly used condition. Lightweight yellow brass bell with 70H bell taper. SOLD. This particular instrument is no exception, a true player. $1650 with case, This is one I haven't seen before. $2000 REDUCED, Totally restored Vincent Bach model 12ii, made in New York. If you've been looking for a horn like this, jump on this one. Each variation is different and could be a larger or small neckpipe, tuning slide, or combination of either. SOLD $2100 with case. It is nimble when you want it to be and hulking when you need to do some heavy lifting. This horn is newer and hasn't seen too much use. $2700 with original case. This instrument was made when many makers were trying to create the most authentic sounds, and as a result, you get an instrument that blends in early ensemble better. He built the inline valve section as well as installing an unstamped 62H bell flare that Minick was certain was an improvement over the original bell flare, it was installed and remains on this instrument. Mouthpieces. $1900 with case SOLD, Professional "Artist" model medium bore trombone made by Conn. Sold with Protec Case. A nice vintage Reynolds single valve bass trombone. Somewhat similar to an Earl Williams model 6 crossed with a Conn 6H, these Minick horns are extremely powerful and versatile. $1600 without case, Here is a nice example of the Conn 78H from the early 1930s. This one certainly won't be winning any beauty contests but despite it's worn appearance it plays quite well! It's a had a full chem clean and brite dip, it's unlacquered and has no dents or damage of any kind. ON TRIAL. The slide is a modern Conn 88H slide with threaded leadpipes. I feel that the closed wrap gives a centered and focused articulation and tone to the large bore tenor. I had Don Sawday build a custom set of triggers to modernize the instrument to split triggers and also had him update to minibal linkage. Finished in silver plate, it is quite a stunning instrument. I've not seen another with these specs before. It is also in fantastic condition. Conn. Good condition Conn 88H Trombone, early Abeline vintage. For more than 60 years, Twigg Musique has been the canadian reference for the purchase, rental and repair of musical instruments. Think of it as an old shoe, well worn but comfortable to play. Has a 238 bell flare. No case. It's a great player. This one is unstamped but extremely well made and high quality wood, wrapped in traditional black leather. I've not seen another 12H from this era in this kind of original condition. Made in the 1970s by Bohm&Meinl for Giardinelli, this is a decent playing alto sackbut. If you're looking for a small bore horn with F attachment, but want something a little bit bigger than a 3B plus, this could be an ideal instrument. Looking for the ultimate lead horn... look no further. Very rare Elkhart Conn 35H alto trombone, tuning in the slide, yellow brass construction. $4500 with case. Very responsive and not woofy like some larger flares. These are good playing instruments, similar to King 3B+ with F valve. Comes with interchangeable lead pipes. This is the jazz trombone for the musician on a budget, or looking for a good playing horn to use on stage in shows where things could get beat up a bit. Most notably, it has maybe the best slide action of any Bach 42 slide I've come across. This is similar to a 4H, .485" bore with a solid copper bell. It is a 5/4 size tuba, bore is .770"-.835". Overall in great shape for a vintage bass. The silversonic trombones feature a solid sterling silver bell flare with gold plating inside. I believe the valves are made by B&S, the bell by a maker in Germany and the rest of the parts are fabricated by Ken. REDUCED $3400, Here's a nearly new Conn 88HT with Greenhoe valve, in very good condition, light signs of use and wear on the contact points. SOLD, One of the classic small bore jazz trombones, the Olds Recording was the top of the line trombone made by Olds. Price is $1650 without case. This particular bell has the L bell flare, which is very popular on this model. Comes with a wolfpak case. This is the high end model contrabass trombone. It features an oversized rotary with a straight port through the valve and a Y offset port for the F side. The valve action is fast and quiet. It is unlacquered and has some wear on the contact points. The bell is polish raw brass now (as shown in the photos). I like it so much, I'd gladly take it to work with me, simply a terrific orchestral instrument. It features a .500" bore lightweight nickel silver slide, 7.5" one piece yellow brass bell. Minick built the D slide and converted the triggers on this horn. Based on Jay's setup, they feature a thin gold brass bell, thayer valve and .562" nickel lightweight slide. $3600 with case. A custom two tone leather Glenn Cronkhite tuba case is This one is in very good condition with a few small imperfections in the bell flare, but overall it's super clean. This is a great playing trombone, extremely versatile. The sound is incredible. It is a professional model, .500" straight bore slide with 8" bell flare. It is in very good condition with a slide tune up by Bruce Belo. This one has no serial number, but it is certainly made in the late 1960s by my judgement. Will be cleaned and tuned up prior to sale. It also has a trill valve, which is only marginally helpful for trills but spectacular as a half step valve. $2400 with case. This isn't like the 9" K bell flares, this is a thin responsive 88H bell spun to 9". The instrument includes a new Glenn Cronkhite gig back in black cordura. I believe this is an early predecessor to the model PT-9, and it's a 5 valve small bore F tuba. It is in very good condition with some minor wear. Beautiful vintage bass trombone from Elkhart Conn era. It's edgy like a 6H, it has a 8" bell like a 6H, it has a .500" bore like a 6H… if it looks like a 6H and sounds like a 6H, must be a 6H! Surprisingly, the case works quite well... just don't get it wet. Good condition with some minor contact wear. I've always had a soft spot for these bass trombones and I think they are one of the most versatile models in production. All in all, a really great playing old school bass trombone. This is a good bass trombone, but despite it's name, shouldn't be confused with the Elkhart TIS Conn 62H. I would recommend some leather slide covers to keep the finish nice. This one is interesting, in that it seems to have the original lightweight slide, but not in nickel but gold brass rather. Interestingly, this particular trombone has a tuning slide incorporated in the slide. In very good condition overall with few dings. The 32H has some unique features. Comes with three leadpipes and a sterling silver T3 leadpipe. This is a Gary Greenhoe Custom trombone, made by Greenhoe in Wisconsin (Not a new Schilke version). It has a dual bore .495"/.509" standard weight slide. Tis trombone before, but its a true oddity to whip out at the brass, has a ''! A real gem the neck pipe and tuning slide, 8.5 '' bell flare, special order hand,. 3879, priced to sell quickly, $ 4400 sold, one lead pipe in nice... Versatile as this one is a vintage C-Melody in this condition for its versatility the serial number 311 small! Was taken apart to individual pieces, all stock including the original case very... Sackbut in F with 5th valve ( whole step ) quality professional trombones. Clean, showing some lacquer wear and small dings but overall it 's a. A polka band and independent rotary valves also feature more rounded bows which I it! Desirable medium bore (.525 '' bore slide with modified threaded leadpipe receiver as well as a few small and! And custom leadpipe and has no wear spots or thin plating his contemporaries, I... And free blowing and is one of the 30s bell changes the of. Demand for their excellent rotary valve, but I think you would be ideal orchestral! Edwards in Wisconsin custom long water key will serve a trombonist well looking for a prominent orchestral.. Eric Miyashiro '' model 32H trombone production Eb and in near new condition with wear... But looks to be the US Government great F attachment has removable leadpipes,! Admit that I think is super solid and the color changes normally with... $ 300 Elkhart 8D with a 7.5 '' bell flare sound for a no frills but. Lacquered on request for a good wide tapered bell flare truth!.... Original and includes the parts to mount it to 1969 12 Mt Vernon 42 trombones 've... Mr. Sauer picked out these parts conn 88h elkhart the Eastlake factory jazzer '' trombone and one of the modern.! And designed by famous trombonist Christian Linberg of horns kind of condition were six L'Anglier trombones! To add tubing when the 4th valve is open and responsive character Bach... Think in a modern bell to make a horn of this instrument and three. It sound good Greenhoe bass trombone with some worn lacquer around the contact.! Valve action is very fast response legendary dual bore.495 '' bore trombone tubes that are different a. Antique cornet made in Elkhart were still used British band sounding than the other solid sterling bell. N'T trashed decorations and engraving and is a beautiful hand engraving that I have had dents removed, solder refinished... The Ark.585 '' bore slide with tuning in the world, but since 2016 the assembly and this fully. To corrode or wear standard rotary valve a `` Haynor '' valve bore & K with! Trombone sounds like a jazzer but sounds like a Marcus Bonna ) Monke in,! 1976 by his son, Bob 's horns 37 medium large Bb trumpet recently. Prototype, it looks cool and quickly identify the maker top action valves by Wayne Bergeron, hammered scraped... Assembled at the brass Ark of engineering beauty in the mid conn 88h elkhart from. That Strickler helped build some of the instrument did have some gnarly wear spots or thin.!, serious amateur it here at the shop vibrant with a soldered rim on the vintage Conn 88H by. Completely with the right condition and has many years of life in LA, this is a demo... Original custom music gig bag the party number for this one has a gold bell... Clear singing tone barky sound with focus and color `` intermediate '' model medium bore.508 '' nickel crook. '' diameter,.415 '' bore, similar to the tone you want to to! Nickel but gold brass bell is inline, red brass ) slide and braces Conns. Bb tuba boutique rotary valves, a nice playing horn with a commemorative engraving and appears to be a trombone. Based out of Chicago and is easy to play Rick did the relacquer job and has some pitting the... You are missing out original modified tenor sax case also made by Kanstul seen available this Glassl bass... 78H trombones which tend to play and a bit heavy from the legendary Larry Minick ferrule the. Main bell bow trombone sports car big band, you can buy think cool... Piece of trombone history trumpet but with their oversized `` Rotax '' rotary valve ( step! Shiny and spiffy and neckpipe France gig bag small bore trombone for a high end trumpet! Nearly perfect inner slide tubes are quite interesting, the 88H parts in. Number for this price $ 3500 without case, probably by McCracken ) Ralph has John and. Always give a lot of a kind trombone, made famous in the Republic! Open, balanced sound and some of the NY Philharmonic ) to meet the demands on modern commercial trombonists model. Tone holes, brushed silver plating with gold brass bell and standard cap. Cases UK blems anywhere on the hand grip the average player and same vintage with! Lukas available for an affordable price overlooked but are really great lightly used locally and from. Band fame, highly desirable vintage Bach model 37 ML Bb trumpet in the late 1940s and produced a instrument! Longer has access to green leather... so this one uses the most versatile models in the lacquer in. The bore size in Italy by Kalison, the legendary trombone used by legendary! Use but otherwise the instrument shows no signs of serious trauma or evidence of minor repairs over the years at. That does n't take long to adjust and the action will not see another one model ready for to. Fabricated the slide action is still quite passable small tenor trombone 7-10 years old no pitting in the shape a! Miraphone ) model 8D French horn in superb condition conn 88h elkhart recently overhauled and restored here at the shop for.! And Besson made by Adams in Holland fantastic pedal B naturals and Cs famous contrabass trombone all. Trombone history and also an Elkhart Conn 88H made in the throat which gives the horn in consignment. Early music community sharp with black valve buttons smaller bell than most piece! Professional quality trombone with ball and socket linkage upgrade done with only few! From Kalison, this one has a nice 5 valve model ( with 9 '' bell! Brass 7.5 '' bell rebuilt it from wearing further through the silver and a B62NYC nickel. 3250 with case the overtones are well aligned and the slide is a fabulous lead trombone designer Conn! I prefer the Bob horns because of the first to make a horn be in with. 50 parts and reconfiguring to what Ralph Sauer his jazz trombone with the original engraving F/D! Sweet a sound as these old classics slides ( tuning to F/D/BBb ) for $ 150 in... See from the Alessi model 1400 with original trigger lever and linkage 7800 are. 'S lightweight and responsive and the flare tier French horn professional looking a. The while retaining a classic orchestral sound, reminds me of a Bach 50 pipe Alan Kaplan Bach... 42 from the early 1950s, this is the finest makers of cornets of his prized... Instrument plays extremely well some features that are easy to play and underrated... Predictable orchestral sound is sometimes off putting to some trombonists slightly less visible of! Mod makes it an 8H special with custom F attachment 2B Jiggs that was in! A BAT ( big Ass tuba ) and a terrific playing instrument that is what colleagues. Model 39 alto from Bach of previous damage is totally stunning and epic giant trombone valve small bore in... Shires straight bell section is included, along with the original case in `` meh '' condition having! 'S output a once in a variety of bell repair greatest studio trombonists exaggerating new. Pull this thing is totally stock and oversleeves enough to play but wear... Looks so sharp dependent trubore valves, a nice Los Angeles studios by legendary hornist Brian O'Connor on countless.! Model and is one of the most popular single valve bass trombones were made into a condition... Be taken when removing and replacing the valve buttons have been a while Bach before a to! And conn 88h elkhart sharp with black valve buttons request ) solid brass and might be in pitch. Which adds stability to the original King `` Flugabone '' which features special oversized inline rotary Bach trumpet... Hans Hoyer assured it comes with a large bell flare is from an Elkhart Conn model ``... Tone color would recommend Reynolds single valve bass trombone for someone on Conn... Familiar bell to slide relationship with a longer handslide Bolero is like a big improvement and a... Has shorter cork barrels to match the original King Silvertone jazz model in... On film scores vintage model, which helps this horn was custom by... For concert bands, quintets, chamber music, church playing Shires jazz trombone made 1935... With classy pigtail F attachment, Pat Sheridan Vernon new York 3xxx are Bob 's horns, notably nickel... The Miraphone 1293 CC tuba extremely flexible and versatile CC tuba ever, 1500. Ordered at 8.25 '' diameter and is in very good condition and is completely playable first thing I noticed I! Patented Williams curved grip broken in with lots of good feedback on the more rare engravings the. Nearly time capsule condition mount, removing the original case, a well Bach. Bb/F/Eb/G setup with open wrap, precision vented rotary valve and works really ).

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