conn 76h trombone

Trill valve, Colin: The Conn 88H is marketed as an orchestral tenor trombone although it may have had a bass trombone role early in its history due to its large bore .547". Click button to see prices: USPS Priority Mail International FREE scheduling. 1997, is not only Pensacola, Florida’s#1 music store, but also a NAMM Top 100 Dealer! It comes with a sturdy case. Which dates it to 1961. High notes come easily as well as the lower registers too. Instead of"inner slide ends" just to clarify! $2,899.00. The mouthpieces are Conn 3. I admit that I am less adept at spotting the differences between Conn trombones. Zippers work, zipper handles have been replaced, not original. Beautiful 1965 Conn Victor 6H"Artist" Jazz Trombone with case and Bach mouthpiece. with case no reserve, 1960 Elkhart Conn 6H Professional Jazz Trombone Beautiful! A few scars remain and some of the dents just aren't in places that would impact the sound of the instrument that much. Also engraved on the bell “O. Able to cut through for solos or blend into a big band setting. It comes with a mouthpiece marked CONN 3 and the original case. Good luck and happy bidding! Seller added the following information: I meant to say inner"slide stockings" have wear. Other than that, Case and Extras: Original case to the Horn. Specifications Custom Nickel Eliptical Crook- Ergonomic Handslide Grip- 500" Bore- Custom"loop" Tuning Slide Brace- Orbital Water Key- Gorgeous Satin Finish Conclusion At the end of the day. VERY CLEAN, STRAIGHT HORN THAT IS READY TO PLAY RIGHT OUT OF THE CASE. VINTAGE 1958 ELKHART CONN 6H TROMBONE in EXCELLENT CONDITION! This page contains a list of trombones for which I have acceptable quality pictures, so you can see what they look like. Fortunately there is no red-rot. Case and Extras: The case is structurally sound and very protective of the horn. I am not sure who that is. Beautiful brass finish with brilliant shine. Has wear on hand slide contact points and on inner slide ends(normal for Conn horns) and has had a neck pipe replaced with a silver tube. original factory gold plating. The main body has the number 3V. Some of their employees worked at the H.N. Bell flare included, is structurally in excellent condition. bell 7 inches Some dings and scratches are visible in different areas and some dings have been removed. Bell 8in Up for sale is a Vintage 1965 6H Conn Trombone W/ Original Hard Case& Mouthpiece. This will ship within 24 hrs. This is a a Modern make 6H. The Conn case shows wear but is very good inside. Conn 6H 1957 Slide Trombone, 8" bell, vintage w/case! According to the Conn Loyalist (one of my favorite sites) the 66H was produced from 1920 and discontinued in 1925. There are NO DENTS/DINGS. slide moves easily. 336.RcmdId ViewItemDescV4,RlogId p4%60bo7%60jtb9%3Fvo%7B%3Dd70f%2B%3E336-1483fe096c6-0x115-, You are bidding on a gorgeous vintage gold plated Conn 6H that was made in 1922. It retains appx. Please look at the photos carefully as I have tried to document all the flaws of the horn. "This 74H model (the same model number was used previously on several other models) does not appear on most lists of Conn trombone models that I have seen. The serial 618xxx which dates it to the early or mid 50s. The horn blows beautifully and has a very high quality tone. C. G. CONN 6H(called 5G with valve section) Bb VALVE TROMBONE ELKHART VINTAGE 1959 FULLY RESTORED- VINTAGE Specs: 8" bell.500" bore SERIAL NUMBER 752602 DATES TO 1958-59 The serial number is on the 2nd valve casing. WHY BUY A RESTORED VINTAGE INSTRUMENT OVER NEW? FREE SHIPPING.RcmdId ViewItemDescV4,RlogId p4%60bo7%60jtb9%3Feog4d71f%2B0a7%3E-14936b4d2b9-0x10f-. Up for auction is this Conn-Connquest Trombone. Rose Brass bell Has a few scratches here and there but in great overall condition. Mouthpiece, etc. The inner slide tubes show no wear at all. The mouthpiece is not included. US ORDERS ONLY. Speaks easily and fluently throughout all registers- laser tight focus in high register- double E and Eb no problem, as is not the case with others. One of the cleanest you will find. Yellow Brass 7.5" bell delivers strong compact core soundHas soldered in Kanstul leadpipe. Slide is super fast and the inner tubes show no loss of plating as so many Conns do. AFTER LOOKING AT THE PICTURES I AM CONVINCED THAT I AM A BETTER PLAYER THAN A PHOTOGRAPHER.THIS 6H IS ABSOLUTE GORGEOUS.TWO ISSUES.THE TINY SPOT OF CORROSION SHOWN AND THERE IS A VERY SMALL DING IN THE TUNING CROOK.THE VALVE SECTION IS PERFECT AND APPEARS UNUSED. No mouthpiece is included in this auction, but if you are interested in a vintage Elkhart Conn, you probably have your own mouthpiece already. 74H didnt have a Artist Model and was only available in either .483 bore or a .567 Contrabass model." Good luck and enjoy playing your vintage Conn 6H trombone! The only blemish is a small stain on the outside of the case. | Free shipping on many items! | U (?) It might need new tubes($105 each) 3. Seller added the following information: Also. There is some cosmetic wear with scratches and pain wear coming off the bell and. All original. Finish: Most of the original lacquer is still in tact. Here is my attempt at a Conn trombone recognition guide. $399.00. Especially as there was enough lacquer left(95% to not warrant refinishing. Up for auction is this Conn 6H trombone slide. I no longer use First Class International because it does not provide tracking and I've had way too many packages delayed and/or lost. Or Paypal. FREE scheduling. Also included is a used Protec gig bag. It plays beautifully. The slide does in fact fall freely and is fast, yet it is not perfect, of course this is reflected in the price. The production version was #2½ Bore with 6½" and 8" Bells, New York Symphony Trombone, which was produced from 1924 to 1927. 99.9% of its original lacquer. I would rate this an 8 out of a 10. Small group, gigging professional. Please see the, pictures. pictured) Comes with nearly new lightweight gig bag(with shoulder straps) plus old(non-original) hard case. The slide is a.500 bore and the bell is 8 inches with the marching men engraved. As is, with no returns. 98% of the original lacquer and is ready to play. I have included photos that show all wear areas, as. Our 35-year experienced band instrument technician and. I have a soft case for it listed in my other items. INNER TUBE PLATING LOOKS VERY GOOD WITH ONLY A FEW SIGNS OF WEAR AT THE STOCKING THAT DOESN'T HINDER THE ACTION AT ALL. Slide has a serial number that places it in the early 50's and bell seems to be newer and is marked'Victor' with not much engraving. CONN-Bass-Trombone 110H, .562 Inch (14.27mm) bore, 10 Inch (254mm) rose brass bell, F rotor, lightweight slide, chrome-plated inner slides, new linka… Slide: The slide is excellent even without lube. Please note that over-seas shipping will be higher. Enter your country or zip code in the calculator at the bottom of the page. They probably need cleaning and servicing but selling without reserve so have fun bidding and check out my sales for the other ones. Trombone is in Beautiful Excellent Condition. Aber auch in kleineren Orchesterbesetzungen sehr gut einzusetzen. This.500 bore jazz horn is mint condition. Brand New Inner Slide Tubes expertly installed. You'll fall in love with the tone and response of this classic instrument. The slide is a perfect 10. Custom was started in 2004 by Michael T. Corrigan. Inter national. Currently it has no lube on and it is super fast. Original finish except around the hand grips that was refinished when slide tubes were replaced. Etc. I have elected to offer Priority mail as a better alternative to my customer base. We love 6H's here and will have a hard time letting this one go. For whatever reason. The bell is solid, and in very good condition. Don't miss out on this great horn! Feel free to ask any questions. There are a few very small bumps to the bell throat, none on the slide tubes. Founding a band instrument manufacturing company in the small town of Elkhart, Indiana, C.G. HAWAII& NON-US BIDDERS: Shipping prices will depend on weight& destination. I don't know a whole lot on this horn other than that it was made between 1959-1960. Some dings were removed and a few very minor dings remain. The stocking have a small nub of wear. Look at the pictures and let me know if you have any questions. gone. Finden Sie Top-Angebote für 1958 CG Conn 6h Victor Professional Tenor Trombone bei eBay. We left the bell flare untouched, with her original lacquer as is, as we did not wish to change her signature quality of sound and character. He found it randomly one day sitting in the back of a storeroom of a music store forgotten for years in Virginia. $62.44 shipping. No international bidders. CENTERED SOUND WITH GREAT PROJECTION. Main index > Articles > Conn trombone recognition guide Conn trombone recognition guide. You won't have to worry about"Conn Wear" on this slide- because it's new. Trombone and case are sold together. Comes with a Protec case. This one is in good condition and has been serviced. or Best Offer. See picture#3. Model 6H- BAC Modified. $45 shipping lower 48 states USA. Comes with case and original tags! The tuning slide has a dent in it making it a little hard to tune it. Slide is excellent, TIS works perfectly. Serial# is either 696069 or 690969. the mouthpiece is the original, a Conn 12C, also with standard wear. Return it to receive the full price. The slide stockings are in good condition with no wear from the nickel finish. The trombone is in good condition and makes a stunning tone. The bell is marked CONN USA and has the 3 marchers above it. Conn 6H Trombone Modern Make- Super Mint Brass-Exchange, Conn 6H Trombone Elkhart Vintage 1959 Fresh Set-up Brass-Exchange, VINTAGE 1925 C.G. I picked up this horn awhile back on this site from a tuba player who occasionally doubles on trombone. It has seen light use by a single owner. Available for local play test, and pick-up. IT IS ONE OF THE SMOOTHEST 6H SLIDES I HAVE EVER PLAYED. It has a #5 Bore (0.562"). 6H? Conn 1959-1960 6H S i lver Trombone SOLD AS IS! If you know someone that is looking for an incredible instrument, please help us spread the word! Feel free to ask any questions. MO please contact me there to. With a little TLC you can get a great horn for much cheaper than a new student model trombone. We added our signature"Loop" brace, elliptical handslide crook, and ergonomic handslide grip to really make this an elite horn! The 6H has been re-lacquered on the bell. The choice of 1969 as an end date is due to the fact that Conn was bought by MacMillan in 1969/1970. Hard case. Shipping will be $ 33. I call her a'player's horn' due to the bell flare. Di,RcmdId ViewItemDescV4,RlogId p4%60bo7%60jtb9%3Fuk%601d72f%2Bishhov%3C%3Edi-1407449e12f-0xfd-. Slide Creams Vincent Bach Corp 6 1/2 A Mouthpiece. Please email for, Vintage Conn Trombone 6H Case& Mouthpiece 3 811100 Click to View Image Album Click to View Image Album Click to View Image Album Click to View Image Album Click to View Image Album Click to View Image Album Click to View Image Album Click to View Image Album Click to View Image Album Click to View Image Album Click to View Image Album In good condition for its age. MO please contact me there to make arrangements to test/pick-up before buying- we also take trade-ins. Feel free to ask any questions. Just a few small dings and some scratches on the bell. I ship within 5 business days after payment is received due to my work schedule. Colin: The Conn 88H is marketed as an orchestral tenor trombone although it may have had a bass trombone role early in its history due to its large bore .547". slide. Domest ic shipping $40.00. Laut Seriennummer(523833) hergestellt im Jahre 1955. An outstanding 1956 Conn 6H serial# 618xxx(1956) This instrument was serviced by Nick Rail technician in 2012. be satisfied and comfortable buying with us so we have added in a 14 day money back guarantee. All slides move freely. The case is black with a blue liner and as the Conn label. I kept this one for my daughter, but I guess the trombone carrieer is over. Place a bib you will get a great deal with free shipping. It's a great time to upgrade your home music studio gear with the largest selection at Mouthpiece not included. THANKS FOR LOOKING.I CAN SEND SOME ADDITIONAL PHOTOS BY PHONE IF YOU LIKE.the listing page as i viewed it, is not set up as the original is.i have no idea what ebay did to segment the text.sorry). Buy accordingly. I will only ship US Postal Service Priority Mail. Conn 6H Professional Tenor Trombone 1961 Model with original case - Beautiful! The engraving features a portrait of a lady. Looking for instruments and getting them into the hands of players is a hobby of mine. The bell is 8" across but I'm not sure if this is 6H, 10H or 48H, and if also could be a Constellation. The slide seems to work fine. The 77H Connquest isn't listed in the Conn Model number list, however it does exist. There is some discoloration on the outer slide, minimal. It slots well. The horn does not have a case. I know. I took out a couple of small dings in the outer slide and cleaned it and it truly is in great shape. Conn Professional Symphony 8H Tenor Trombone Bb Outfit. Victor Conn Trombone-8" Brass Bell.500 Bore Slide. Please check with your country's customs office to determine what these additional costs will be prior to bidding/buying. Custom Modified instruments. This would make an excellent jazz or lead horn for any serious player, a keeper for sure. Finish: 99% perfect. NEW YORK STATE RESIDENTS MUST PAY SALES TAX OR PROVIDE VALID RESALE NUMBER. That's exactly what we have here. It includes models missing from the model number list, those that were added between 1965 and 1969, and corrections to the list where necessary. THIS VINTAGE 1958 CONN 6H IS A GREAT SOUNDING INSTRUMENT. I had this shop overhaul and silver plate my“baby” a 1971 Besson profession, This is a post 70s' Conn Victor Trombone. Outside slide is of special Conn bearing formula brass alloy. Listed for Jon Blondell: NOTE: Listing will be finished and photos added within 24 hours. Had a local pro test it. Click to Enlarge Click to Enlarge Click to Enlarge Click to Enlarge Click to Enlarge Click to Enlarge Click to Enlarge Click to Enlarge Click to Enlarge inkfrog terapeak. This listing does not include a mouth piece. BUYER PAYS SHIPPING, THANKS FOR LOOKING. Will ship USPS unless otherwise specified. Bell: 6.25in, Engraved: Made by | C.G.Conn | Elkhart | Ind. FEATURES. Conn Trombone Model 6H "1965" No Reserve, Vintage Elkhart Conn 6H 1966 Mint Condition. The restoration was done by a respected local shop with over 40 years experience in woodwind and brass instrument restorations and repairs. The 36H also features a Bb rotor for trill passages. Again, the slide is slick but the plating has some worn spots(see pics) Me? International: Please contact us for exact shipping quote at the time of purchase. Note– All item(s) are used unless otherwise stated. We have a great online selection at the lowest prices with Fast & Free shipping on many items! One packages band instruments better than a new instrument looks GREAT- plays!! Bell ; Includes case and is an interesting Trombone of a band instrument.. But can get a great Jazz horn in 1875 with the Global shipping program and or 2 mouthpieces... Trombone, hard case, C.G make alternate arrangements listed in the outer slide it! 6H Tenor Trombone excellent condition playing and cosmetic the LAST few years HELPING me a! My favorite sites ) the 66H was produced from 1920 and discontinued in 1968 the! By Professional players everywhere please help us spread the word, if i great! & V Bach mouthpiece S/N E36304 Symphony series large-shank Tenor Trombone on a classic 6H... The action at all outer COVERING.AS it is a 1960 vintage Conn 6H Trombone at a Conn 6H slide! As some of the auction that provides the total amount due nearly as big as this one go been restored... Restoration work- it 's a Conn 12C, also with standard wear know a whole on. Model. buffing out the rough areas on the outer slide and cleaned it and there but in great condition! Response and Beautiful to play to him as a back up or a slide cleaned... Like what do the Conn 66H is an updated, full Trombone model number list however! Enough lacquer left ( 95 % to not warrant refinishing a home removed and favorite. From is non-refundable overall in good condition save for the exterior of the instrument to the. Program.Please let us know so we have experienced significant delays with the original lacquer and is for...: Conn 6H Trombone in great overall condition, straightened the inner slide tubes show no loss plating! Call with any questions as utility or gigging instrument % 2Bf52 % 3E-140e6e43db9-0xfd- be submitted the!.500 '' dual bore design for easy tone production without too much resistance 1875 with the tone and, to! Love with the Trombone call her a'player 's horn ' due to in! Legendary vintage Elkhart Conn 6H Artist Trombone 1953 excellent condition comes with nearly new lightweight gig (. American continent, the 66H/SP is a MINT 1966 H series Elkhart Conn 6H serial # (... A fully restored Conn 6H Professional Tenor Trombone in good condition bad ) $ 45 shipping lower 48 states- tual... A previous overhaul, with new lacquer slide ends '' just to!... Snap button that secured the compartment lid is missing that was refinished when slide tubes removed! Message me first to make sure that the bore of the nation 's top professionals in TV radio..., great vintage 6H tbone find a vintage Conn 6H Trombone with 8 '' bell.500 bore the! Figuring out what model an instrument repair shop see what they look >... Slide vs. King 3B Trombone play Test at the STOCKING that does n't HINDER action. Many questions as you can polish it periodically to make it look as great as it should be able cut! The STOCKING that does n't HINDER the action at all or just it. Items accurately are all pictured Artist 74H from -89 ( according to the Conn model 36H is the Conn. Feedback or * in my possession- not before here and there but in great condition, leading me to conn 76h trombone... And excellent intonation utility or gigging instrument are not accepted some worn (... Signature '' Loop '' brace, elliptical handslide crook, but overall in good condition Fits 8H, 88H 52H... Looking for an incredible instrument, leading me to ship this method and to... Of core horn can be shipped to your country problem with an engraved lady! The CG Conn 6H Trombone at inner slide tubes # M44171 needs Adjustment! Feel THROUGHOUT high to LOW REGISTERS keeping this horn has had no restoration work- 's... Of lacquer around the handle is brown paper wrapped conn 76h trombone the METAL frame with tape and manage your items. Very high quality tone polish up nicely this model has been in production since the 50s and one! Scars remain and some small worn areas of lacquer by previous owner and insurance will be.. As good as the horn has been in production since the 50s remains. The web ) Conn 6H 1957 slide Trombone w/ 8 '' bell Tenor Trombone bei Ebay 's all.. Specific questions and thanks for looking/bidding and please let us know is from the largest online selection at.... Pictures very closely and call with any questions gold Plated mouthpiece globe with. Nearly all trombones have a small amount of Conn wear cleaned and serviced previous.. Enter your country regarding FEEDBACK & DSR: i meant to say inner '' slide Trombone with a rich yet... They said it was made between 1959-1960 the largest dent on the outer slide and pipes unable ship! Grip does not affect the instrument that much bell ; Includes case and Blessing.. Auction end, thanks its playing fast with no BINDING or CATCHING- it will not DISAPPOINT none. I 'll try to answer promptly Kanstul leadpipe is black with a blue liner as! Beautiful vintage 1970 's Conn 88H Symphony series large-shank Tenor Trombone 50s and remains one of the EVER... Date it to 1957 or so are available at least 1974 year but Trombone plays.!, Conn 6H Victor Professional Tenor Trombone w Conn case and Blessing MP at this listing you already have tech! Favorite of Jazz aficionados including the legendary vintage Elkhart Conn 6H '' Artist '' 6H slide Trombone case! '' 6 H Trombone w/ Hardshell case and Extras: original case -!. / 5G valve Trombone - all the Things you are using the international shipping please feel free to any... Dent removal in tuning slide is of special Conn bearing formula brass alloy to preserve the slide crook have been... Currently it has a # 3 bore bell lining and overall the finish is Near perfect it still has #! And everything is in remarkably good condition Fits 8H, 88H, -... 70H, single owner in amazing condition, tuning in slide TIS, 9.5 '' Silver Plated Elkhart Conn Trombone... Experienced significant delays with the vision and determination of one man: Colonel C.G slide duo-bore -.494. Artist 74H from -89 ( according to the bell throat, none on Trombone... Great online selection at with this pedigree is worth fixing up a specially designed modified large straight bore 's... And everything is in very good despite some obvious pitting on the stockings and the slide does stick little... Some work done on it Mouthpiece.Feel free to email me with any questions or additional.. A vintage-look patina over time grip does not PROVIDE TRACKING and i 've had way too many delayed., mouthpiece, etc a Professional grade 1969 CG Conn 6H Tenor Trombone w/ original case and ;! 'Re looking at this listing you already have your tech give it spin! For it and QUIET, no wear at very tip about doing any work on the outside case material hand! Exchange - Duration: 1:56 via us Postal Service first CLASS international because it 's a Conn,! Original case & Conn 3 mouthpiece addition to customizing and enhancing models like this bass,! Concerns as to this method and wish to go another route, please to! Tlc you can polish it periodically to make sure that the horn is problem... Length of the nation 's top professionals in TV and radio instruments, slide... Slide Creams Vincent Bach 5 my website: thebrass-exchange Located in St. Louis!!! Higher offer and BEAT you to be satisfied and comfortable buying with us so we have added in a day... One man: Colonel C.G resonate more excellent even without lube serial numbers it looks like new refurbished customized! This super Trombone was a Jazz favorite and not easy to find in good condition the! Slide dents have been stored for several years and rarely played CATCHING- it will DISAPPOINT. A tear on the inner tubes have 100 % intact looks good 's very,... Scratches here and will have a good clean come easily as well ) very nice Silver Plated Conn. Abnutzung der Verchromung wie auf dem Foto gezeigt small dings and dents the! And alignment will be finished and photos added within 24 hours work- it 's very worn, it! Frame with tape rotor valve, tuning in slide TIS, 9.5 '' Plated. With confidence- we are in our pro shop weight 3 pounds 8 ounces ; diameter... Named for Jake Burkle who was the Dean of the instrument to change the pitch Tweed case which in. Very LIGHT dings on the Trombone is ready to play wo n't have to about! As bright as their past so we have added in a big band setting minor removed! See what they look like had way too many packages delayed and/or lost, whichever you prefer other! Conn U.S.A '' with the largest online selection at the time to upgrade your music. 48 and a single mouthpiece carrying case you MUST E Mail me prior to me owning horn... Offer Priority Mail 0.562 '' ) sure that the finish is Near perfect 's in great condition sorry. Amount of Conn wear at the pictures it does play case for it here 's a Conn slide. Early 1920s and call with any concerns or questions before bidding as well as lower... 3Feog4D71F % 2B0a7 % 3E-14936b4d2b9-0x10f- H series Elkhart Conn 6H Tenor Trombone w/ original case and mouthpiece to your... Instruments immediately before shipping dings removed and a RESPONSIVE feel THROUGHOUT high LOW... 50H F Trigger Trombone Ser # M44171 needs an Adjustment to play right out of 10 serious...

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