alfalfa orchard grass hay

Straight Alfalfa % $11. We tried orchard grass here and it was so rich it gave over half of the horses the poopies. I’ll post a picture of the finished bales as usual once we’re done. Dairy Hay 12/20 Pure Alfalfa 3022 48.2 Dairy Hay 8/20 Alfalfa/Grass Mix 3070 52.5 Dairy Haylage 8/20 Pure Alfalfa 3059 46.6 Dairy Haylage 12/20 Alfalfa/Grass Mix 3250 55.5 Baleage 4/10 Pure Alfalfa 2877 46.5 Baleage 6/10 (With a little bit of wormwood in there!) John Deere 4230 pulling MacDon hay conditioner in 2nd year alfalfa and orchard grass in North Dakota. Orchard Grass hay, 1st cutting, 3 tie. With less protein than alfalfa, 8% - 10%, it is an excellent source of roughage for all types of livestock bales, alfalfa orchard grass, inside, no rain; 24 large round of second-cutting alfalfa orchard grass; 14 large rounds grass hay; 8 large sq of clean straw. Orchardgrass Seed - Orchardgrass is a bunch-type, tall-growing, cool-season perennial grass. I bought for a few goats and most of the hay is trampled by the goats. Orchard Out of stock at this time Alfalfa 1750# Bundles for $280 Timothy with some grass 1550# Bundles for $250 BIG BALES 3x4x8' Valley Bent Grass 1250 pound average bale 1st cutting $95 per bale or buy 4+ at $90 per bale 100 ton available. The softness of the stem and leafs make it very easy to digest and minimizing the waste. We offer delivery services as well. This forage is also used among the top horse trainers and breeders in the United States.. No Bleach. Bob’s parents have been growing premium orchard grass/hay on this farm for over 40 years. Baled then covered immediately. From a nutritional angle, orchard… Contact us to arrange your order, and see our delivery page if you need that Grass Hay-Orchard Alfalfa $0 (eug > Cottage Grove) pic hide this posting restore restore this posting $11 favorite this post Oct 29 Premium orchard grass 2nd cutting, and field hay both local grown. You can add alfalfa pellets or cubes to a grass hay diet for the same effect. The diversity offers a win for both the land and the livestock. Can pickup in Jerome or we can deliver nationwide. Call or text him at 425-268-3289. Under dry land conditions, it usually develops distinct clumps and flower culms 15 to 18 inches tall. Alfalfa Orchard Grass Mix 80% Alfalfa $13. $8.00 per bale. Grass/alfalfa mixtures have higher total fiber than alfalfa alone which may be needed in some high corn silage rations. Orchard and Alfalfa Hay Sort by: Orchard Grass Orchardgrass, is a persistent, cool season bunchgrass. We have alfalfa, orchard alfalfa mix, valley grass, straw, and eastern oregon meadow hay for sale. We grow and sell Alfalfa, Timothy, Orchard grass, and Straw/mulch hay. Our bales are sold in small and large square and 54 inch round bales. Premium Alfalfa/Orchard Compressed Bales are formed by allowing Standlee Premium Western Forage to grow to the proper stage of maturity, cutting the plants, allowing them to sun-cure (dry) to an acceptable moisture level and baling the forage at the optimal time. Zero rain or weather damage. Rest of the days of the week by appointment only. If it had alfalfa the goats would most likely consume most of it. Thin alfalfa stands can be rejuvenated by interseeding grasses and converting the field to pasture or haying as a grass-alfalfa mixture. We just stayed with the good quality local grass hay. Potential to reduce non fibrous carbohydrate (NFC) of dairy rations – Too much readily fermentable carbohydrate can reduce milk production through acute … Alfalfa/Orchard Grass Broadleaf Herbicide. Organic Orchard Grass Mix Blue Grass Kentucky 31 Hay (For Easy Keepers) Location Front Royal Virginia Call or Text [hidden information] Excellent Quality Hay HAY ALFALFA ORCHARD GRASS MIX $165 (crv > Scio) pic hide this posting restore restore this posting favorite this post Dec 17 Need Hay for horse rescue. This premium forage baled green and dry to provide the highest levels of nutrition. Our premium orchard grass hay is the premium forage for Alpacas and Llamas. - posted in Weed and Pest Management: Has anyone had success at killing winter annuals in alfalfa/orchard grass with anything other than Butyrac 200. Hay Description Price Per Ton Avg Wt Per Bale Avg Price Per Bale Field Bales Compressed Alfalfa Bale $410.00 1000 $205.00 Compressed Alfalfa or Grass Mix 1/2 bale $435.00 500 $108.75 3x3x8 Alfalfa $510 Grass hay, Orchard grass, Alfalfa $8 (pdx > Wilsonville) pic hide this posting restore restore this posting favorite this post Dec 17 Need Hay for horse rescue. This is very nice hay. Orchard Grass Orchard Grass is the emerging super star of the horse hay world. I have quite a outbreak of a hodge podge of winter annuals in one of my alfalfa/orchard grass fields and … Alfalfa Orchard Grass We are proud growers and brokers of the countries finest alfalfa – orchard mix. Orchard Grass is a highly palatable grass with a high nutrient content. Call or text him at 425-268-3289. We are going to be open Saturdays and Tuesdays 8am to 6pm. To my surprise there was no alfalfa hay in the mix, it was all grass. 641-425-3339 Orchardgrass has been cultivated for pasture and hay since colonial times and has been an important forage in horse husbandry since then. The fiber of grasses is more digestible than alfalfa. Like any other preserved forage, the quality of orchardgrass hay depends on multiple factors, primary of which are cultivation and harvesting techniques. During the months of November-July ALL hay sales need to be coordinated through Bob via his cell phone. This is a high protein hay that will help […] See Full Listing Bermuda Grass is a less expensive alternative to Orchard or Timothy hay for those horses that are fed grain or supplements. 30% Alfalfa with Orchard Grass hay, to be baled as small squares. 40 large sq.

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